discovering Poeta Negra


Gen 11 2007, 17:46

Last month i luckily found one of the most exciting label around called Poeta Negra, based in Salonika, Greece.
My first contact with this label was back in September when, thanks to myspace (silly space, but useful space) i get in contact with an artist called Spyweirdos who, in those days, was finishing his album, Wetsound Orchestra. I immediately loved his sound, something between the “orchestral” sound of Murcof (who mastered the album), but more organic and dynamic.
After this first contact i started to keep an eye on Poeta Negra, and then came Qwartz nominations of 06. Due to Zymogen participation I started exploring Qwartz site and listening to the other nominated albums, especially the ones involved in the “Research” section; there i found another great artist from Poeta Negra, Dani Joss, very different from Spyweirdos, much more experimental, but definitely outstanding.
After a feature on Qwartz tv about another Poeta Negra artists, italo-greek Coti, i finally decided to concretize my attention for this label making a considerable order at Poeta Negra website.
I bought two album, Dani Joss's Shaper of Form, Au Theatre des Sons Imaginaires by Neon (glitched guitars duo), and two double cd; Lido/Lato by Coti and Wetsound Orchestra by Spyweirdos.
The packaging (digipack or double digipack) and the artworks of all these albums are supreme, especially Wetsound Orchestra, with evocative images and fine graphic design, but the music is the main point:

-Neon's album (Au Theatre des Sons Imaginaires) has been my first choice, very emotional yet cold and dark, with down-sampled guitars weaving melancholic melodies similiar to Fennesz masterpieces.

-Shaper of form by Dani Joss is simply a unique piece of art; it's very difficult these days for an electronic musician to have a personal sound, but Dani Joss has his own, and it's very intriguing.
Drones and sine waves assembled with concrete sounds and classical instruments (piano, percussion, drums, tubular bells, guitars). Outstanding.

-Lido/Lato by Coti is very complex double album which requires attention and patience. Lido contains the most experimental side of Coti music while Lato deals more with melody and samples, near to 12k label sound.

-Wetsound Orchestra is probably the most accessible one. The first cd is entirely composed by Spyweirdos himself focused on orchestral electronica, while the other one is a remix album with reinterpretations by Alva Noto, Traject, Funckarma, Ollie Olsen, Peekay Tayloh, B. Fleischmann and many more...these names are definitely a warranty.
For Murcof fan this is absolutely a must have.

Take a look at Poeta Negra store and consider the possibility to buy their cds...this label deserves attention.


  • Wired_N

    poeta negra is great. it's one of the best ladels in my country according to my opinion. Peekay Tayloh is also great from this label. If you like shaper of form you'll definately like Dani Joss previous album liquid photography. Greetings from Athens, Greece :-) P.S. Poeta Negra is based in Salonika or Thessalonikh the co-capital of Greece.

    Gen 12 2007, 10:31
  • arousal

    thanks for the reccomandations guys, i'll surely check these names next time. cheers

    Gen 28 2007, 20:20
  • someoneincanada

    i purchased Coti about 8 months ago, i learned of him from the vibrant music label. you've made me very curious of the other artists on the Poeta Negra label. i will most definitely check them out. thanks

    Feb 14 2007, 2:53
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