albums I've acquired lately part 7,000.5


Set 16 2009, 4:23

Actual new music:
super time pilot - Did We Happen To Begin? This is the new project of the man behind Robby Roadsteamer, but even given the semi-recent influx of acoustic Roadsteamer albums, this is kind of a change of pace. The humor and looseness is still present (Rob and Nikki tend to have some pretty hilarious ad-libs between verses of songs), but also songs that are downright pretty and sad, which is sort of rare.

Just rescued from Goodwill:
Elliott Smith - XO. I lost my copy of this somewhere down the line. I was obsessed with it for a while in 1998 and it's great to see it still holds up.

Until the End of the World Soundtrack. I've never seen the movie, but had to pick this up since I remembered seeing this review of it. I really like that while it brings together a fairly diverse set of artists, it all has a certain dreamy but bittersweet feel to it and stays pretty cohesive. Right now my favorites are Julee Cruise's "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" and REM's "Fretless".

The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony And Music Companion. Were Shake Your Money Maker there too I would have gone for that instead, but I knew this was supposed to be one of their better ones, and sometimes I find that when it comes to really popular bands I haven't given a shot yet, it's better to start with an album that doesn't have a lot of the overexposed hits. I really like the mood of this album, kind of makes me want to be on a cross-country road trip with the stereo blaring for some reason.


Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind - I refuse to download anything on emusic that will cost me more downloads than there are songs, and kind of a lot of the Iron Maiden discography that's on there are 8 or 9 track albums that are still going to cost me 12 downloads because a song or two isn't up for individual download due to being either really popular, or more often being 15 minutes long. Anyway, my high school clique was full of Maiden and Judas Priest fans, but for whatever reason I never got into them myself at the time despite liking some other metal. Nowadays I think I'm really going to be in the mood for something this unceasingly bombastic once in a while, but I can't deny that a lot of this is pretty awesome.

Descendents - Two Things at Once. This, on the other hand, is a positive change in emusic: I'd been delaying on downloading this for ages due to costing more credits than I usually like spending for an album, and now I'm able to get a pretty awesome 23 track album for 12 credits. If nothing else, this is going to cause me to take the risk on more punk/hardcore albums.

Orange Juice - The Glasgow School. Something else that languished on my save for later list for ages due to originally costing way more credits. I'm still kind of making my mind up on this. I can definitely tell how it would have an influence on the likes of Belle And Sebastian though.

Hefner - The Fidelity Wars. I've loved "The Hymn For The Cigarettes" since it showed up on a friend's mix tape for me years ago, and the full album doesn't disappoint.


Otis Redding - The Very Best of Otis Redding. Because I felt like I needed more soul in my album collection (previously there was exactly none). There's something really cool about getting a best of where you think you've only heard a few songs, putting it on and getting track after track of "Damn, I have heard that somewhere before" (although in this case "somewhere" included The Blues Brothers and Salt N Pepa).


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