Projects that my friends are in/were in.


Feb 15 2011, 15:47

abeautifullotus-A Beautiful Lotus
AbraWerewolf-SATAN AND THE PASTRY PUFFINS, Battle Lolis, Loli War Noise, Tsubaki Yeah!, voi.xce-!34fp8jlk987669., Lulzbra, eulalia, loliqueen, Mercy Maya,
adambeebe-Adam Beebe, the Beebe Brothers, the Mishap Crew, Pope John Paul the Third, Adam Beebe-Infanticide, General Handywork
adamcooleyisdea-Scissor Shock, Ranger Raccoon, Adam Cooley, Robe., RUINHORSE
AdamZivojnovich-Adam Sapphire, Adam Zivojnovich, Mannimarco, The September Elevenths, James Hope, A2daZ
AIDANAGEE5-Deadline for a Critic
AJ-Rayder-MIDI Warlord, Albino Zulus, A X, Tactical Overload Soundtrack, MIDI Wars, Albino Zulus, Romantic Serial Killer, Rock N Roll Kaiser, Dreamers' Coven, MIDI Metalhead, AXXXED, Axe Angel, Urban Viking
anti-tommy-Sanj Hiya, Commander Amarao, Tommytronica, Mook Senior, Atmosk
AXSCQ-Down Colorful Hill
betheguy-8088, Lesbian Haircut
BlackCrucified-Blackened Innocence
CalebCollapse-KessenchuCaravanheart-The Marsu, Caravanheart, Choruse, Crucial Anthem, ...galau...
cletus77-Price of Blood
Cloud197-Malefic Form
corrodinghalo-Machine Within Water and Seeds of Atropos
cosmicwaste-Rocket For Ethiopia, Zero Harmony, The Sand-Rags
cowtzu-cocksocket, cowtzu, Girthy B, Dante's Disco Inferno, The Pinto Tailgater, Zen Master, The Deconstructionist, MC Cunt Chop Anus Fuck, REO Speedhonkey
DANCECORPS-Annoying Ringtone
dark_inwhite-Сука Сука!
dbudgen-Donnie Budgen
ddh2112-Del Boca Vista.
deathbomb-deathbomb, turb0slut, lucas aldrich
DJFraktul-Fraktal, T.A.f.T.
dougsharp-Doug Sharp
DTRASH-Schizoid, Exist, and Emergency Instructions
eatyrhands-Streets of Rage
ecaskew-Ed Askew
elverdaderoekra-Love Through Cannibalism, Hector Mora, Los Hermanos Matar
evil_lolikon-Evil Lolikon, Youkai, Buttvag, Loli War Noise, Retaliation, WerVolF, Kiraver, Loli Waffen SS, Deadjewsoup, ロリVOMITS
FootVillage-Foot Village
foxxy_dekay-Foxxy Dekay
Glejs-Glejs, Glenn Liljestrand, and Uppsala Analogsynthsymfoniorkester
gmpwca-laughing bag, Grandmaster pwca, caledonia & laughing bag (frogwell)
hardoncollider-Hardon Collider
HGMontgomery-Tortoiseshell Male, swampglow, Josef Motley
ivanshello-The IQ minus 20
jaywilleatchu-Seattle's Child (used to be Chasing Wednesday)
jazzycattime-Bubblegum Octopus, c@, m@ the c@, c@, Giggle the Ozone, Fork Sister, Black Clocks, Rage-a-holic Tortoise, First Aid Squid, I Am A Hexagon, Giggle the Ozone, The Rew-mi-ref-rots, yamiwosukasu
Josso1-Joss Weightman
KMFCM-Kindergarten Hazing Ritual, Eaglebauer Goes To Quiznos, Zombie Ninja Schmoe, .springofdrownedpanda.
KullyKun-Sanj Hiya, ChrisGendo, Commander Amarao, KullyKun
loftmusic-This Light, HALL OF DREAM, Everlasting Will, Inner Place, Destin Road
Ludamage-Slander Fall, Multigen
Lurholm-A.K.A. Lurholm, Lurholm
m1a100-The Industrialism, The Industrialism Presents Atarax, Abstract Nostalgic Fractals System, Trollfanboy Speechbar
M912-Me and My Animal Friends, The Sepia Raven, Corvid Canine, Shawty The Elf, XBrutalcoreX, Take to the Skies, Zoanthrope
maheadma-The Groovy Orphanage
Mhelpern-120% Says You're Going To Explode!
monokoma-Fuck You, I'll Never Tell You The Name of the Band that I'm Listening To
mooglepower-Illegal Operation and Playing For Getty
mrbonzorubber2-Jeremy Oliveria, The Fools Ball, The Fall Ball, Trash Compactor Orchestra
naveed_mir-The Boo Jays
NickB_MIC-!Mounted Insanity Cannon!, Coloureds, Xmas Lights
nicmax99-Killout Trash and Trout
nix-on-Asian Women on the Telephone
noisefiend-Arseterror and Noise Militia
nospr-Zero Acid
off_topic-Ast & Kralle
Platon-Tallmute-Tallmute, Wipe of Steel, Cipys, Tallmute & NEEDEN, iiandii, Ganja Tech, Tone Temperz, and Tallmute & Temnojar
Pumpkinsaur-Acid Assholes, Electric Dinosaur, Time Machine Bastards Demolition, The Speed Of Shit
Punk-rock66625-SMA$H, Crow Flow, and Murders
Radio-9-Wil-Harris - Wil Harris
RedSK-Redsk, Bitcrush Abortion Shitsac, Tha Pantz, Gorilla Pat
RubberTelephone-:meamexcel:, Glömda(thats the official project)
scrapyardbaby-Stone Coma
Sephore1993-Spock Hates Dart Vader
soundenterprise-Sound Enterprise
sponi_wolf-Sponi Wolf
TheECC-The Evolution Control Committee
TheKhakinator-Hatmandu, Envy Street, Jaguar Moon, Jettison The Princess, thekhakinator
thevitaminb12-the vitamin b12, the vitamin b twelve, A Band
Viethra-The Evangeline Experience, T.A.f.T.
WannabeSue-Jill in the Box
way-too-serious-Ast & Kralle

if there's any more, if u r in a project, let me know. i'll add them. :)


  • AJ-Rayder

    damn that's a lot :)

    Mag 11 2011, 3:07
  • AbraWerewolf

    oh hey just thought I should say, I didn't notice before, but The Guanoson is actually Little_Raven and Loli Waffen SS, Kiraver, and ロリVOMITS are done by evil_lolikon :)

    Mag 11 2011, 4:53
  • WannabeSue

    Thanks for tagging Jill in the Box! :)

    Lug 5 2011, 3:38
  • Mhelpern

    love you<3

    Lug 30 2011, 4:44

    The 'DANCECORPS' user on is just myself (Tom)...the netlabel 'Dance Corps' was founded by myself and one of the guys from USA Kings (Levi aka Bobby Bass...he doesn't use this user account) and Erik (aka Captain Kirk on LSD Experience) is the sole musician in that project and doesn't use this user account either :P

    Set 12 2011, 21:42
  • Josso1

    Thanks buddy, didn't notice this... my new album is here: and also on last fm

    Set 20 2011, 21:58
  • m1a100

    Cool idea!

    Mar 7 2012, 15:21
  • cletus77

    Thanks man :P

    Mar 7 2012, 20:02
  • Ludamage

    Thanx for mentioning my aliases ) Also i see there many others goods )))

    Mar 9 2012, 21:53
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