• apskrap

    The interesteing question is: Have you really LISTENED to all fifty-thousand four-hundred and fifty-eight songs?

    Ott 1 2006, 22:24
  • aradnuk


    Ott 1 2006, 23:25
  • apskrap

    My first reaction to that answer is impression but a little mathematical analysis shows that we've both been doing about 1500 songs per month so I am as great as thou... ;) (and I also listen to everything I scrobble, which is an important issue for me, and I think it should be for every scrobbler, everywhere, anytime) Anyhow: Good work, keep it up, you hang in there sport, and similar ramblings in a foreign tounge etc etc et al.

    Ott 2 2006, 19:34
  • Annie_Bob

    *bow* I am not yet as great as you, O Aradnuk!

    Ott 2 2006, 21:15
  • piqquam

    Ha-haa! I have listened to 52995 songs! What a great number!

    Ott 3 2006, 6:08
  • aradnuk

    I must listen to more music! (But 52995 is not as good as 50580!)

    Ott 3 2006, 13:03
  • piqquam

    How about 53057? I think that rocks.

    Ott 3 2006, 20:32
  • aradnuk

    Yes that is quite a good number.

    Ott 4 2006, 11:59
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