2010 80s albums i should buy bands i really really love bass beautiful best played loud bloody hell its 2010 cant get over how epic this is cant help but sing along close to perfection completely unique cool cool as fuck electro electroclash electronic electrosexy empty nights and hearts full of emotion enveloped in sound epic favorite remixes female vocalists fill my summer nights with music dancing and love forgot how gorgeous this is french girls rock you boys gives you goosebumps goose bump inducing gorgeousness got that edge of cool grown on me guilty pleasures has summer written all over it haunting hear this live before you die hot scandinavian shit i listened to it over and over again i want to not like this but i cant id grind some fit indie guy to this lastnightsparty love at first listen lovely makes me feel arrogant mind-blowing shit modern disco music to listen at night new fav song next step in the evolution not so guilty pleasures on this one of my favourite songs ever one of the most perfect songs ever perfect for winter post-hardcore really love this remix is better seen live sexy sexy as fuck sexy sexy sexy sexy voice shit you really should grow up to so fucking brillinat but i never expected them to be so fucking cool so fucking sexy songs i adore songs i grew up to songs im addicted to songs that are or remind me of my adolescence songs that define my life songs that give me inspiration for photography songs that i cry to songs that make me feel sexy songs that make me happy to be young songs that make me want to run and never stop songs that make you wanna get up and dance songs that stop you breathing songs to be in love to songs to make love to stuff i should try stuff to get you dancing summer 08 summer 11 summer 13 summer 2010 synth pop the soundtrack to our revolution this defines my life this is summer right here this is why i love bass guitars totally fucking awesome ultimate sexellence vaguely homosexual when everything was turned upside down when we fell in love winter 09 winter 10 winter 11 winter 12