Mar 5 2010, 15:28

Thu 4 Mar – The Monster Ball Tour

I've only been to a few gigs in my life so far, but this was easily the BEST ONE. Travelled in to Newcastle from Sunderland on the metro, got to the arena at about ten past six. When we got inside the actual building we met up with a few of our friends and waited for the doors to open. Once they did everyone literally just ran inside and pushed and shoved eachother to get inside. We weren't really that far back from the stage, we were pretty much bang in the middle. I was really surprised when Alphabeat didn't come on first, was some band called Semi Precious Weapons. I didn't really like them much, the lead singer was trying way too hard. Anyway, they went off eventually and there was a short break, then ALPHABEAT came on! They only played about five songs, and as far as I can remember these songs were:

The Spell
10,000 Nights of Thunder
Hole In My Heart

They were actually really good, and Fascination was particularly fun to sing along to. So far it was turning out to be an amazing night, and GaGa hadn't even come on yet. However, I started to get really hot because I was getting pushed and shoved around everywhere and so were all my friends. So yeah, I started having a massive panic attack, couldn't hear anything, could hardly see and my throat closed up so I couldn't actually breathe. This happened to one of my friends aswell so we made a large chain and got out of standing. It was actually terrifying since I thought we'd have to leave or something and miss GaGa, but we were alright after a while and then we just found somewhere more bearable to stand. Then GaGa came on and I forgot all about what had just happened.

She was AMAZING. Better than I'd ever thought she would be. I absolutely loved the short interludes that played between some songs aswell, they were awesome and really well done. From the moment the curtain came up and Lady GaGa appeared on stage it was obvious that a lot of effort had been put into the backgrounds, the dancing, the interlude videos, everything. She looked great as always and her outfits were all quirky in an awesome way. I loved how she talked to the crowd aswell and the little mini story that she sort of had going throughout the whole show concerning the 'Monster Ball'. My favourite part was during Teeth when she went, 'Come on guys I'm not a dentist, I'm a free bitch baby!'

It was just an incredible night and I'd urge anyone who is a fan and hasn't seen Lady GaGa yet to try and see her before it's too late. More tickets go on sale for other shows next week as far as I know.

Anyway, here is the complete setlist for last night:

"Dance in the Dark"
"Glitter and Grease"
"Just Dance"
"Beautiful, Dirty, Rich"
"The Fame"
"Boys Boys Boys"
"Money Honey"
"Brown Eyes"
"So Happy I Could Die"
"Poker Face"
"Bad Romance"


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