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Mar 21 2009, 17:19

An ancient Bedouin saying states, “The way to keep a trail alive is to walk on it.”

I just heard of Nicole Vienneau recently. She is someone I don’t know personally, but whom I have come to know through the love & care of my good friend in Canada, .

See the dedicated webpage ~ Find Nicole

Nicole was last seen in the Cairo Hotel in Syria on March 31st 2007. Her belongings left behind intact. She was gone with just her light day travel ruck sack. Since this date her bank account has remained untouched, her email inactive and with no communication to anyone she knows.

Nicole is a traveller. A seasoned and responsible traveller. She has survived many terrains and countries over the course of her 34 years. Now after two years and intensive searches by her family and friends including a detailed weekly web log by her brother, there is still not a trace of what happened to her…

Afew days before her disappearance she made a “long bike ride into true Bedouin territory” into the ancient ruins of Palmyra, known as the Bride of the Desert, located in an oasis 215 km along the road from Damascus. My Canadian friend, who knew her well and once travelled with her, has observed all the searches & has an instinctive feeling that if she is alive she could well be with the Bedouin.

Nicole was the sort of person who lived frugally. She cherished her freedom & was a lover of the world. My friend says she would have found the Bedouin lifestyle attractive ~ a life style of the most basic possessions but one that maps journeys to starlight.

To follow this line of search we are asking for any photographers of Bedouin, who may have seen anything unusual, to provide us with contact details. Any other information on the whereabouts of Nicole is also welcome.
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  • ChaosLogic

    is there any updates on the searching process after May?

    Set 27 2009, 23:27
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