Music to Ruin Your Evening mixtape


Feb 11 2012, 12:02

Cáry mlhy mixtape #2

This mixtape illustrates one of my ideas of a good party. I would lock my guests into one room with all the lights out, forbid them to speak, and naming myself DJ Smrt would play them Music to Ruin Your Evening over and over, hoping they see at least shapes of the unsettling story, which shows involuntarily behind my close lids while listening to this.

Thanks to 8tracks, you can simulate the party without me, without the need to download:

01 Venetian Snares - Colorless
02 Emptyset - Structure
03 Man Is the Bastard - Regression To Birth
04 Man Is the Bastard - Poacher
05 Switchblade - Chrome Angel
06 PJ Harvey - Nina In Ecstasy
07 Svarte Greiner - Ulsokk
08 Ben Frost - Peter Venkmann Pt. I
09 Ben Frost - Peter Venkmann Pt. II
10 Clint Mansell - Power, Seduction, Cries
11 Jimmy Scott - Sycamore Trees
12 Venetian Snares - Room 379

The cover art is by Kasvisions (, a friend of mine from times when I was not completely lost on myspace.


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