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Giu 7 2006, 11:29

Most of it is done now, although finding out about pressings is hard, and I don't have the exact release dates for quite a few of the releases. So if anyone has any info that I'm missing, please say. Also, tracks that haven't made CDs I'd love to know, live covers and all. Thanks.

Dates written the correct way dd/mm/yy

Kind of Like Spitting

Kind of Like Spitting (Cassette) - Jealous Butcher

Track Listing:
Side A
1. Water Works
2. Power Chords
3. Tape Deck
4. February 18th, 1996
5. Big Grey Parlor
6. Winter
7. Drop the Bomb
8. 4-Letter Words
9. No Free Refills

Side B
1. Liquid Boy
2. Outside
3. Answering Machine
4. Bookworm
5. Still Be Around
6. Better Anyway
7. You Poor Miserable Fool
8. Lazer Diagram

- Limited cassettes

Kind of Like Spitting EP (aka the 'Blue EP') - Hush Records

Track Listing:
1. Shuffle, Kick, Hum a Tune
2. The Thing About Distance
3. March 25th, 1998
4. What a Wonderful Puddle (Braid cover)
5. Just Broken
6. Rowing a Dead Horse
7. Through the Sound of Crashing Pins
8. Mine

- Limited CDs with handmade covers

Old Moon in the Arms of the New - Hush Records

Track Listing:
1. Old Moon Meet New
2. Boy Cries Wolf
3. Two Violins, Which Are Meant To Represent The Forest
4. Tyco Racing Set And A Christmas Story Fifteen Times
5. Dostoyevsky Gets Mugged Outside A Donut Shop In Jersey
6. On The Subject Of Her New Gold Star
7. Young Fiction Writer
8. I Know You Heard Me The First Time
9. 43C

- CD
- Yellow vinyl (Jealous Butcher) - 2001

Nothing Makes Sense Without it - New American Dream - 1999

Track Listing:
1. The Short Story Long
2. Blue Period
3. At Your Convenience
4. Birds Of A Feather
5. Robi Point, Stars Above
6. Out Of Harm's Way...Finally
7. 1330 Oak 1995
8. Dodge Dart
9. Haven't Been To The Ocean Sense
10. Shuffle, Kick, Hum A Tune
11. A Shaggy Dog Shames Its Owner
12. The Rest Is Up To You

- CD
- Black vinyl (Slowdance Records)

Kind of Like Spitting - Hush Records

Track Listing:
1. Crossover Potential
2. Shuffle, Kick, Hum a Tune
3. The Thing About Distance
4. March 25th, 1998
5. What a Wonderful Puddle
6. Just Broken
7. Rowing a Dead Horse
8. Through the Sound of Crashing Pins
9. Mine
10. Canoe

- Limited CD - re-release of 'Blue EP'

Birds of a Feather - Grand Theft Autumn

Track Listing:
1. Birds of a Feather
2. Afraid of Crushes
3. Rowing a Dead Horse

- 1000 on black 7 vinyl

Insound Tour Support #14 -

Track Listing:
1. Fuck Liz Where Are You?
2. Now I Can Smile
3. Bird on a Wire
4. Prairie Lullaby
5. Firework
6. The Last Time I Saw Richard
7. Continent
8. Instinctually Restricted the Animal Will Bolt

- One limited pressing in cardboard sleeve

You Secretly Want Me Dead - Hush Records - 2001

Track Listing:
1. Who Cares How Much
2. Catch The Redeye Out Of Girlfriend Land
3. Your Favorite Actor
4. We Got As Far As Minnesota
5. Do You Need Him Here To Say (Elsa)
6. Happy?
7. Maybe We Should Get Married
8. A Thought From The Kitchen Floor
9. Motor Boat
10. Please Don't Sweat The Afterlife
11. Slow Me Down
12. Something In The Air
13. Please Don't Let It End Like This
14. I've Realized That Things Aren't Really Good Or Bad, At Least It's Better To Avoid Looking At...
15. Staring At Your Toy Collection
16. Afraid Of Crushes

- Original cassette & CDRs contain a cover of Karate's 'New hang-out condition'

$100 Room - Ohev/Ganaarecordings - 2000

Track Listing:
1. Hook
2. One Bird, One Stone
3. Scene
4. Hoax
5. This Life, So Unlike the Last
6. 26 Is Too Soon
7. B-Side Poetry
8. Yes, You're Busted
9. Free Advice
10. Pick a Town, Find a Box, Live Alone
11. 11:11
12. Sex Ruins Everything
13. Cater
14. Little Time Bomb

- CD
- re-released by Hush Records in 2006

Bridges Worth Burning - Barsuk - 2002

Track Listing:
1. Passionate
2. We Are Both Writers
3. Born Beautiful
4. He Calls Me
5. Following Days
6. I Want Out
7. Canaries
8. Tyco Racing and a Christmas Story Fifteen Times
9. This Lemonade Is Terrible
10. Crossover Potential
11. Continent

- CD
- Black vinyl

- Japanese Bonus track edition

13. We are both writers (demo)
14. Born beautiful (demo)
15. Following days (demo)
16. I want out (demo)
17. Finally (demo)

Live in Seattle - Recorded 30/04/05 (Ben's birthday) - Self Released (but with a little extra help from Chad Crouch & Hush Records)

Track Listing:
1. I don't love you anymore (Magnetic Fields cover)
2. Song for you (Leon Russell cover)
3. Town (later named 'Aubergine')
4. 26 is too soon
5. Canaries
6. Annie's Harmonica
7. Sheriff Ochs
8. Happy
9. Passionate

- 50 hand made CDRs

Learn: The songs of Phil Ochs - Hush Records - 2005

Track Listing
1. I'm Tired
2. You Can't Get Stoned Enough
3. Draft Dodger Rag
4. That's What I Want to Hear
5. Outside of a Small Circle of Friends
6. Where Were You in Chicago
7. When I'm Gone
8. I Ain't Marching Anymore
9. Remember Me

- CD

In the Red - Hush Records - 2005

Track Listing:
1. Aubergine
2. We Fell All Over You
3. Worker Bee #7348-F87904
4. Spin
5. In the Red
6. Sheriff Ochs
7. Bubble Congress
8. All Hail
9. Per Se Wha?!
10. Song for Annie's Harmonica
11. Grapes
12. Line and Sinker
13. Finishing
14. Passing Through

- CD
- 500 black vinyl (Art of the Underground) - 24/05/06

The Thrill of the Hunt - Redder Records - Feb 2006

Track Listing:
1. Thrill of the Hunt
2. Middle
3. Hands
4. Share the Road
5. You (Bad Religion cover)
6. If the Shoe Fits, Cut the Foot Off
7. To the Wall (Intermission)
8. Holding Patterns
9. A Song For You (Leon Russell cover)
10. The Thing About Distance
11. Lay Some Happiness on Me
12. You Got Served
13. Thirteen (Big Star cover)

- CD
- 500 black vinyl (Art of the Underground) - 24/05/06


Kind of Like Spitting/Rose Of Sharon - Jealous Butcher

Track Listing:
1. A Shaggy Dog Shames Its Owner

- Limited 7 - At least two different inserts (grey/brown), unsure whether there were multiple pressings made

Kind of Like Spitting/The City On Film/Sterling Silver - Tour CD - Jealous Butcher - 1998

- Blue Period
- Out of harm's way finally...

Kind of Like Spitting/The City On Film - Sport Records - 1999

Track Listing:
1. There It Goes, So It Goes
2. Free Advice

- Two (??) limited presses on black vinyl - later pressing w/ bold writing on sleeve

Kind of Like Spitting/Jeff London (Home Vol. 1) - Post-Parlo - 11/07/00

Track Listing:
1. Beat Down the Kid
2. Grenada

- 1000 CDs

Kind of Like Spitting/Lemuria - Your Livingroom's All Over Me - Art of the Underground - 24/05/06

Track Listing:
B1. Shallow Doses
2. Team reasonable
3. You I seek
4. Why I Smoke Mad Weed
5. Afraid of Crushes

- CD
- Clear vinyl

Compilations: [compilation title - track(s)]

Nailed to the stars - 'February 18th, 1997', 'Time, and how to waste it' (vinyl release only), Welcome to the working week (cassette release only)

Aircheck (cassette) - Valentine's day is over (Billy Bragg cover)

A Very Indie Christmas - Tyco racing set and a Christmas story fifteen times

Chico, CA - Your favourite actor, We got as far as Minnesota

Less - Opening theme, Kiddie chalk, When your heroes hate you, Elaine

Mass - Tyco Racing Set and A Christmas Story Fifteen Times

Flag - Portland nationals, Trials of the spiky belt collective

Insound Tour Support Vol.1 - Prairie Lullaby

Slightest Indication of Change - All else failed

'Find' Soundtrack - Just broken, Born beautiful

Metaphysics for beginners - You got served

Read: Interpreting Bjork - In the musicals

PDX Pop Now! - In the red

What are friends for? - Shake down in animal town (later named 'Share the Road')

Mile: A Hush compilation - Hips (Blanket Music cover), Opening theme, The thing about distance, Canoe, He calls me (acoustic version)

Redder Records covers:

Drunk Sincerity (Bad Religion)
Land of Competition (Bad Religion)
St. Swithin's Day (Billy Bragg)
Title Track (Death Cab for Cutie)
Sin City (Gram Parsons)
Hewlitt's Daughter (Grandaddy)
In Love With A View (Mojave 3)
Inside of Love (Nada Surf)
Some Girls Like Cigarettes (The Karl Hendricks Trio)
Tom Courtenay (Yo La Tengo)

Known bootlegs:

- Live at Stage 4 (Portland, 10-05-98) - w/ Braid & The Get-Up Kids (audio)

- No Love for Ned (WRSU, 03-10-00) (audio):

01. 26 is too soon
02. Robi point, stars above
03. Motor boat
04. This life, so unlike the last
05. Free advice
06. Now I can smile (The Minders cover)

- Live at Paradox (Seattle, 12-12-01)

- Live at the Fireside Bowl (Chicago, 17-08-02) (audio/video):

01. Untitled
02. In the Flesh (Pink Floyd cover)
03. Following Days
04. Birds of a Feather
05. Free Advice
06. Where were you in Chicago? (Phil Ochs cover)
07. That's what I wanna hear
08. Outside of a small circle of friends
09. How's Croatia
10. Dostoyevsky gets mugged outside a donut shop in Jersey
11. Yes, you're busted
12. We are both writers
13. March 25, 1998
14. Canaries
15. Passionate
16. St. Swithen's Day (Billy Bragg cover)
17. Boy cries wolf
18. Vent
19. Scene
20. I'm gonna say it now (Phil Ochs cover)

- Live at C-Pop Art Gallery (Detroit, 19-07-02) (audio):

01. Following days
02. Dostoyevsky gets mugged outside a donut shop in Jersey
03. Birds of a feather
04. Where were you in Chicago? (Phil Ochs cover)
05. Outside a small circle of friends (Phil Ochs cover)
06. That's what I wanna hear (Phil Ochs cover)
07. Free Advice
08. Yes, you're busted
09. We are both writers
10. Girl problem (Elevator To Hell cover)
11. St. Swithen's Day (Billy Bragg cover)
12. Blue period
13. How's Croatia?
14. Vent
15. Untitled
16. Canaries
17. Passionate
18. I'm gonna say it now (Phil Ochs cover)
19. Little time bomb (Billy Bragg cover)
20. Everybody loves you babe (Billy Bragg cover)
21. In the flesh (Pink Floyd cover)
22. A hit ((Smog) cover)
23. The thing about distance
24. Valentine's Day is over (Billy Bragg cover)

- Live at WVUM (Miami, 01-09-02)

- Live at The Palace (LA, 02-11-02)

- Live at the Roseland Ballroom (New York, 22-11-02)

- 'After show acoustic set' - Live at the Electric Factory (Philadelphia, 23-11-02) (audio/video):

01. Canaries (end of)
02. La familia (Mirah cover)
03. We are both writers
04. Life with Lions (Billy Bragg cover)
05. Bubble Congress
06. On the subject of her new gold star
07. *Unknown*
08. In the red
09. Dostoyevsky gets mugged outside a donut shop in Jersey
10. Happy?

- Live at Le Jive Music Cafe (Wyandotte, MI - 12-06-03) w/ Bob Nanna (audio):

Bob Nanna:
01. Introduction
02. It's been a blast
03. Boy destroyers
04. A dozen roses

Kind of Like Spitting:
01. Canaries
02. Sheriff Ochs
03. Dostoyevsky gets mugged outside a donut shop in Jersey
04. Untitled
05. An American tune (Paul Simon cover)
06. Passionate
07. Happy?
08. Common People (Pulp cover)
09. A future worth remembering
10. Birds of a feather
11. Dodge dart
12. Little time bomb (Billy Bragg cover)
13. Following days
14. On the subject of her new gold star
15. The last time I saw Richard (Joni Mitchell cover)

- Phil Ochs cover session - 2003 (audio):

01. When I'm gone
02. I'm tired
03. Instrumental
04. Where were you in Chicago?
05. Remember me
06. Draft dodger rag

- Unknown venue/date (video):

01. Crossover Potential
02. One bird, one stone
03. I'm only asking
04. I want out
05. Dodge dart
06. Bubble Congress
07. Passionate
08. I know you heard me the first time
09. Tyco racing set and a Christmas story 15 times
10. He calls me

- (New Haven, 18-12-04)

- Live at the Vera Project (Seattle, 30-04-05) (see 'Live in Seattle' CDr)

- Live on BSR 88.1FM (Phoned in, 01-08-05)

01. Sherrif Ochs
02. Aubergine
03. A Century of Fakers (Belle and Sebastian cover)
04. Canaries
05. You Got Served
06. Driver 8 (R.E.M. cover)
07. Birds of a Feather
08. Happy?
09. Song for Annie's Harmonica

- Live at Virgin Megastore (Chicago, 07-09-05)

- Live at the Beat Kitchen (Chicago, 11-05-06)

- Live at The House (Dekalb, 12-05-06)

- Live in Woodland Hills (06-09-06):

01. Song for you (Leon Russell cover)
02. Share the road
03. Sheriff Ochs
04. Canaries
05. Untitled
06. I'm tired (Phil Ochs cover)
07. You got served
08. Boxcar (Jawbreaker cover)
09. Aubergine
10. On the subject of her new gold star
11. A Hit (Smog cover)
12. Dostoyevsky gets mugged outside a donut shop in Jersey
13. Passionate
14. Happy?
15. People (Andrew Jackson Jihad cover)

- Live at the Lily Pad (Cambridge, MA - 24-11-06) (video):
Thats What I Want To Hear (Phil Ochs cover) feat. Joe of Ette

- Live at Greggario's House (video/audio):
People (Andrew Jackson Jihad cover)
I'm Afraid of Everything (Braid cover)

- Local Cut Podcast (01-06-07) - post-KoLS

01. Prayer to God (Shellac cover)
02. Brave is a noun (Andrew Jackson Jihad cover)
03. Girl Problem (Elevator To Hell cover)
04. Share the Road
05. Canaries
06. The Christian Life (The Louvin Brothers cover)
07. Little Time Bomb (Billy Bragg cover)
08. You can't get Stoned Enough (Phil Ochs cover)
09. March 25, 1998
10. Song for Annie's Harmonica
11. Common People (Pulp cover)

Other Tracks:

Army of me (Bjork cover)
Caroline, part 2
Does This Bus Stop at 82nd St.? (Bruce Springsteen cover)
Enjoy the view
Fire Alarm
I can't articulate
*I got bit by a spider*
Labels (Wu Tang Clan cover)
Les serpientes en el aeroplano
Luck of the lasso
No, no girl (I'm at the backdoor)
Pseudothyrum Song (Mountain Goats cover)
Such Great Heights (The Postal Service cover)
Sweet Caroline
You have to let me try again

'What Will We Do With Our Hair?' - 4 untitled demos featuring Meredith (Ben's sister)

Ben's Other Projects:

- Unprovoked (aged 14)
- Spinach
- Larry & The Lovers
- Paxmortis
- Bad Communication
- The Mutants
- Violin Capital
- Slotcar (????-95)
- Brigantine
- John Vanderslice
- Urban Legends (2002-03)
- The Thermals (2002-03)
- Worker Bee - Demos were written under this name for some of the 05/06 releases
- Cash Money Bros. featured Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie as well; I seem to remember that only played one or two shows but only one was recorded (set list below).

1. In the Flesh (Pink Floyd cover)
2. The King Of Carrot Flowers Part 1 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
3. Dostoyevsky Gets Mugged Outside A Donut Shop In Jersey
4. A Hit ((smog) cover)
5. I'm A Wizard
6. You Remind me of Home
7. Back To Gray (The Thermals cover)
8. Without You
9. Girl Problem (Elevator to Hell cover)
10. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper cover)

- The Unsounds
- Lips Like Air
- Aaron Schroeder - singing vocals on 'Call out to me'

David's Other Projects:

- Novi Split
- Yoda
- The Real Diego
- The Cherry Chans
- The Sexy Sexies
- Sexplosion
- Ill Lit

Possibilities of lost tracks

- Split 7 with Novi Split - Eat the Fly Records
- Art of the Underground 7 single
- Cuts from albums

Upcoming Projects?

- Join the Andrew Jackson Jihad

- The Blunt Mechanic - A metal four track band - Predicted an album to be released in 2007.

- Ben has jokingly mentioned a hip-hop album that he wants to make at some point.

- Steely Dan or Bad Brains cover project


  • betterhalves

    Don't forget the Redder Records Exclusive Tracks—full CD of covers released on the Redder Records webpage only

    Giu 11 2006, 6:46
  • andrewbiles

    They will indeed get a mention. I'll probably include them in the compilation part as they were released week by week.

    Giu 11 2006, 15:15
  • andrewbiles

    ^ That's the one, thank you. Anyone see anything missing? I think most of it is there, but there's bound to be something missing. I'll try and get done the tracks for the compilations as well, which shouldn't take too long.

    Giu 19 2006, 12:34
  • betterhalves

    I've got a four-song demo called Meredith and Ben. None of the tracks have names. Not sure where it came from.

    Lug 8 2006, 0:11
  • andrewbiles

    ^ Do you have a CD of it or just download?

    Lug 8 2006, 11:54
  • betterhalves

    Downloaded, but I'm pretty sure it's legit. I'd be happy to send it to ya

    Lug 11 2006, 0:08
  • LittleTriggers

    haha man, this brings back memories of me going overboard in a similar manner when i worked on the website awhile back. you pretty much have it all. some extras i have here are fire alarm (and has a piece of itself plopped into the middle of Shallow Doses)and You Have to Let me Try Again and No, No Girl (I'm at the Backdoor which were you secretly want me dead outtakes. Also, I don't love you anymore is a magnetic fields cover, for completists sake.

    Lug 17 2006, 2:32
  • andrewbiles

    Thanks a lot, hadn't heard of any of those. What site did you used to run? I knew about the Magnetic Fields cover, completely forgot to mark it down though. It's not letting me update the entry for some reason otherwise those would be added. Thanks a lot.

    Lug 17 2006, 10:18
  • conorissoscene

    is there any way i could get fire alarm, you have to let me try again, or no, no girl? i'm working on uploading my slotcar/sodajerk split cassette. it's just tough because i don't have the technology yet. that wasn't supposed to rhyme. but yeah. xoxo conor

    Ago 19 2006, 21:56
  • andrewbiles

    ^ If you do manage to get those tracks up please say, I'd love to hear them. Also, Littletriggers, you know you want to put them up don't you ;) Ben put his cover of 'An American Tune' up on myspace the other day I noticed, and recently had his 'les serpientes en el plano' up - which seem to only get noticed by 5/6 people, but ah well...

    Ago 20 2006, 1:48
  • andrewbiles

    I managed to get the Worker Bee demos last week, but don't have the In the Red sessions, so if you can be assed to upload those it'd be great. The live footage is the Live at the Fireside Bowl show, right? I've seen bits of that and got the audio for it but didn't ever manage to get all of the videos.

    Ago 26 2006, 0:43
  • andrewbiles

    Is the video in quite a dark room with David there as well? All in quicktime movie files as well? I don't have AIM or soulseek unfortunately anyway. If you fancy uploading some of the stuff to [spam] or something I'm sure everyone would appreciate it, but if you don't, fair do's. Cheers.

    Ago 29 2006, 10:48
  • method_actor

    Ben and Brian were both in Urban Legends at seperate time. Here's the full discography (I think) The World Is Strange No Karma 7 Secretly, Faithfully JB-033 CD ep My Only Defense Left Fragil 7 Urban Legends Audio Information Phenomena CD/LP Urban Legends / Her Space Holiday Trainbridge 7 Dance and Burn Tree 7 There's also a self titled album which isn't mentioned on the list I found, which I have on vinyl. Here's the tracklisting side a 1. Take it from the Top 2. The Mistakes That Turned Out OK 3. Civilians' Countdown 4. The Old Numbers Falling 5. If We Can Dream Tomorrow side b 1. I Hope I Have A Light 2. Another Sun 3. The Only Sound True? 4. Signed in Silence I'm not 100% sure who's on what releases, that's something for you to investigate!

    Nov 22 2006, 1:38
  • method_actor

    The album I told you about is the same as Audio Information Phenomena... the title there actually being the original record label. Just noticed it on my record.

    Nov 22 2006, 1:45
  • hideyourthunder

    do you have some of this stuff, particularly the covers and live songs? this is amazing.

    Mag 28 2007, 9:33
  • ryansphoto

    Here is a little more info. Ben was in a band called Violin Capital. It is a hardcore band and they at least released a 3 song demo. I have the Violin Capital, Slot Car, and Meredith and ben music. I also have the original tape he released and hang out condition. And I have the Vera Project, the live CD he put out on his birthday. Another thing I have is the import of bridges worth burning. What I really want is You Have to Let me Try Again and No, No Girl (I'm at the Backdoor which were you secretly want me dead outtakes. And any of the Urban Legends or Unprovoked (aged 14) - Spinach - Larry & The Lovers - Paxmortis - Bad Communication - The Mutants

    Ott 1 2007, 18:18
  • hideyourthunder

    there are also some in the red demos dated 2003 on, in the features section. the demos are of: A Song For Annie's Harmonica In The Red (then called Cramped) Grapes (then called The Luck of the Lasso) Sheriff Ochs Enjoy The View Middle Man

    Ott 15 2007, 2:41
  • jantunf

    Whoa. <3

    Feb 13 2008, 19:59
  • distantxships

    just a note, the self-titled record on Hush is a re-recording of the "blue ep," not a re-release.

    Mar 10 2009, 17:27
  • blackdrink

    this is impressive. do you happen to have a copy of the recording of the Cash Money Bros. live set on your computer? the only ones I've found online are outdated and now dead links.

    Gen 25 2010, 5:42
  • andrewbiles

    I do, well, I should. I'll have to check to make sure someone hasn't deleted it. Might try and set up a blog with the bootlegs and rarities on at some point because a couple of people have asked about certain things over the last two or three months.

    Gen 26 2010, 17:07
  • darklombax

    It would be AMAZING if you could put those rarities up

    Apr 2 2010, 6:30
  • errolwest35

    ^ this. id kill to hear that self titled cassette.

    Feb 21 2011, 9:18
  • andrewbiles

    I will be uploading some of the rare stuff to

    Mar 25 2011, 18:40
  • andrewbiles

    Feb 28 2012, 10:53
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