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Apr 3 2006, 20:47

Following on from my chart changes greasemonkey script is my new script that adds upcoming gigs to artist pages.

This script will only be of any use to people who live in UK as it gets its data from my site,, and to those who use Firefox (if you don't, you should try it).

Although my site doesn't have a vast number of gigs in its database it's growing all the time and I'm working on allowing any Tom, Dick or Harry to add gigs. In the mean time you can email if you think I'm missing any and I'll put them in myself.

Installtion is very simple, just visit this page and follow the instructions.
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  • deanchristesen

    That's a really great idea! I live in the U.S.'d be great to see someone do something similar with an American site!

    Apr 4 2006, 10:50
  • aradnuk

    Top stuff. Thanks :(

    Apr 4 2006, 13:37
  • aradnuk

    Mmm that ( was supposed to be a )!

    Apr 4 2006, 13:37
  • silentTrev

    cheers what a great thing to have thanks if i don't see any gigs that you haven't added what should i do?

    Apr 4 2006, 21:54
  • andrew_j_w

    Cheers guys! [i]if i don't see any gigs that you haven't added what should i do?[/i] If you don't see any then you should sit back, relax, and think of poor my fingers as I've typed that many gigs into the computer and my poor eyes as I've scour over the back pages of the NME :-)

    Apr 4 2006, 21:58
  • silentTrev

    if i see some gigs that you haven't mentioned then i'll email you

    Apr 4 2006, 22:15
  • andrew_j_w

    cool, thanks :-)

    Apr 5 2006, 9:54
  • Ram6

    holy crap, this works!! ok, i live in the netherlands, but this is a really cool script that deserves more attention. i saw that you advised it to the lastfm-crew, hopefully they will use it. the calendar-idea is a nice thing.

    Apr 7 2006, 22:00
  • DsuDorion

    hey thanks! this really made my day! thank you

    Apr 15 2006, 23:54
  • mantrasoul

    real good stuff there thanks!

    Apr 20 2006, 15:10
  • klaashermans

    This script is AWESOME! Only I do not live in the UK... Maybe I'll try to make a similar script for the Netherlands, but I'm affraid its going to be difficult. should implement a regional upcoming gigs radio, that would be even better.

    Ago 19 2006, 11:34
  • nikolia

    but has closed. We suggest you use for you gigging needs from now on.

    Feb 4 2007, 7:38
  • MSWarman

    Sounds cool!

    Mag 2 2007, 14:35
  • symo72

    Cool script. Installed right now! Thank you.

    Ago 20 2008, 21:11
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