• What to do when you don't want to do your thesis

    Mar 19 2006, 12:38

    And if your boyfriend's having a hard time loading cellphone credits.

    I guess I'm mellowing down. Back then I was an avid rock listener: all the screams, wails, riffs, and the I-don't-care-if-nobody-cares lyrics really sounded so familiar to me. I was smug, selfish, and I thought I should destroy everyone.

    Now I rarely listen to rock. Whenever I have a plate or homework to do, I listen to classical music instead. I dunno, it's just more... stimulating. Even though almost everyone I know sleep through Beethoven. But then, I'm not in the stage where I can easily identify Mozart from, say, BRAHMS.

    I'm also happy that I've enjoying jazz and bossa nova. They're those things I picked up from movie soundtracks and listening to '60's mod music.

    I need a jazz education, and the only name that I'm familiar with is Astrud Gilberto's. I have so much to learn.

    I'm currently in love with local artists like Up Dharma Down, Cynthia Alexander, Orange and Lemons*, Radioactive Sago Project** - there's jazz, bossa nova, soul, world, and rock in them.


    I guess I want to listen to songs that remind me of 2:45 a.m.

    *pre-Pinoy Ako days, please
    **Even if you can't stand Lourd de Veyra's droning, you should at least appreciate the band's brass section
  • My brother's playlist on my last.fm

    Mar 19 2006, 11:45


    Aaargghh! I forgot to exclude him from the listings! Now I can't wipe off all hip-hop, house, and godawful Pinoy pogi bands from my user's page!

    Well, I tried. It took me an hour at least.

    Wish I had my own laptop.
  • Hmm

    Mar 5 2006, 12:43

    Like stalking my Winamp player. Nice.

    Expect schizophrenic selections. Korn and Astrud Gilberto under one roof.