1001 albums you must hear before you die albums to ignore amazing angry lyrics awesome drums beans beautiful beautiful songs best band ever best of 2009 best of the 00s beyond shit bit boring blasphemy bookmarked books boring boring as hell can not find much better caracarai catchy chomskyan hardcore in the dark shattered underbelly of the american dream conformity confrontational contradiction cool cool story courage danger deserve to die dreadful dull end of world epic fantastic get the cool shoeshine good advice hair metal guitar solo horrid how did they do it imagnative inspirational inspiring truth intense jack white approves joyous libraries lie detector love the lyrics love the riff love the vocals lovely memorize and recite to annoy all your friends and family misogyny muaaahaha mucajai music that makes me happy nice narrative nice sounds oh god not him one of the worst songs ever pol pot poor poetry predictable progressive rock prove it punk reality religion reminders of old times rights rock shopping short and sweet should not be rated at all singer should be banned from singing smart something new songs about famous people songs about having sex in libraries songs i can listen to over and over sounds like oasis spoilt brat suicide murder machine terrible terrible vocals the pedofinder general their best this song should be a single typical pitchforker uninspiring up your ass utterly enjoyable very good vile album we didnt start the fire what is the point seriously wonderful worth a listen zombies