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  • Funerary_Doom

    Charlie, i actually read your words earlier and it definitely put a smile on my face. Hmmm maybe you should skip all this science stuff and pick up writing? <3 I mean you're right, what is life without some misery? Hahaha, girl you know i don't get offended easily. 'ships suck because when they sink you really feel drained. but sometimes a boat has to sink to figure out how to build it better next time. mannn i can't even imagine lol. i and you would be replaced by cam and char haha. <3//I hear ya … hope the cleansing/ing went well for you. and you still owe me dreaded up Char. <3 and the whole shabang story of what's been up sometime.I'll check out that Forn rec. Also, new Ice Dragon is awesome has a pink floydy sound. Ive been listening to a lot of oldies tbh. Lots of death/thrash like Massacra - Final Holocaust, Hallow's Eve - Tales of Terror. Some riffage BM Dawn- Slaghtersun… what else? and new Blut aus Nord is killer too. I got some recommendations i need to check out though.

    17 Ott 6:40 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    Charlieeeee, if you're still in Sweden next April, please come to Roadburn. I am planning to go for it.

    9 Ott 17:46 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Some non-metal recs for ya since I've been digging: Seun Kuti & Egypt 80; Karol Conka (kinda like Brazillian M.I.A. <3, lovin' it); Moodmann; Ninos Du Brasil ---- wooooo girrrrllll JUNGLE PARTTYYYYYYY *booty bounce dances all over your shoutbox*

    9 Ott 15:43 Rispondi
  • Mrsixtyfive

    Still alive and saying Hi... I'm going to see 2 shows that may or may not make your skin crawl... 1st is the Melvins.... then the day after Phish... I know.. but it's a guilty pleasure. Gotta get my ears melted. Ya know you can go to a store here and buy green stuff, but it's expensive!! At 25 bucks a gram, that makes it 700 bucks an ounce... For fuck's sake... That's really gonna put a dent in that old black market! NOT.... So I did watch all of the side films before their removal... and, in general, we are kind of screwed,,,, but ....

    8 Ott 21:11 Rispondi
  • Funerary_Doom

    any new tunes you digging? I've been under a rock, but resurfaced and now I'm digging into shit I've neglected xD

    7 Ott 19:41 Rispondi
  • Funerary_Doom

    don't be sad! you can send me a message anytime girly! -internet cuddles- Oh no! is it an ear infection? i've just read some article about how you're not supposed to actually clean your ears with q-tips and that the ears clean itself and putting anything inside of them is like ear suicide. idk lol thought i should share. hope you're feeling better missy! Yeah… it's hard. he didn't even call or come to any bday happenings. i was bummed, like super bummed. but heh acting all these years i better be able to mask it! LOL thanks girl. <3 Yes I'm still awaiting rastacharlian! Oh don't worry ill rub a couple of em out… ;) <3 LOL Thanks! I'm almost a quarter of a century! //<--been forgetting to do that the entire time. Hopefully this message is legible. BUT YOU ARE CUTE! And not only with your face covered like duhhh obviously <3 she's seen piccies with your face uncovered and yeah you got the ladies swooning. brains and cute? come on save some awesome for the rest of us plz?

    7 Ott 19:40 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    That soured my impression of the film a bit and I recognise that as foolish. You know, like not wanting to listen to Burzum because Varg is a murderer. Anyway, it was interesting to see how bullies reacted when confronted with their actions years later.

    7 Ott 17:51 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    Haha. Fair enough. I did watch this Scandinavian film earlier - Interesting, certainly. When I was reading up on it later on, the director/actor woman seemed like the sort who relishes controversy a bit too much

    7 Ott 17:21 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    I haven't watched too much Polish cinema. Tell some good ones, please. The bleaker, the better.

    7 Ott 9:38 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    Check out the film rec I left on Cammy's page.

    6 Ott 18:10 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    Oh, shit. Did you go for that concert in Portugal to achieve your trifecta? What an insane lineup that show had. Please tell me you saw Wolvserpent. Or was it the Swiss one with Bolzer? Either way, killer lineups for both. There are talks of Inquisition and Belphegor playing in India next year. That will be cool if it goes through. // Have you ever had hard drives full of music crash? I've learnt from painful experience and have backups of my music in 3 places now.

    6 Ott 18:08 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    Hm. Haven't listened to a lot out of the ones you mentioned. The Godflesh album was quite unremarkable upon first listen last night. Zaum is decent. Most of the other ones are waiting to be unzipped. I have been listening to Hooverphonic a bit recently. Have you listened to them? Kinda like Portishead-lite but some songs are quite nice -

    6 Ott 16:32 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    Listening to Arcana Coelestia right now and it's somehow clicking this time around in a way it just didn't earlier. // Anyway, this fitness thing is a concern for me because for the most part of my life, I've been pretty damn thin. Now that I finally don't look emaciated any more and because my daily activity has reduced significantly, I am very wary of getting a paunch. The thought alone is mortifying. So portion control and daily exercise it is then. // How did you manage to get tinnitus? Lots of concerts at high decibels?

    6 Ott 16:30 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    How was your weekend? Have you come across any interesting music recently? I've just been stockpiling downloads. So much to check out, gah.

    6 Ott 15:33 Rispondi
  • sacredserenity

    Huh. The opposite for me, really. I liked Nightbringer. That album was an aural assault. So intense from start to finish. My only criticism is that it could perhaps have been a slightly shorter album. Over an hour of that sort of intensity gets a little monotonous after a point. I haven't given AWVFTS a very proper listen yet. Only background music while I was working and stuff. I will listen to it properly this week, though. // Weekend was quite chill. We had Thursday and Friday off so it was a mini vacation. I smoked a lot of pot and played Assassin's Creed. Also got a new pair of running shoes because I can feel myself get more and more sedentary by the day and I felt I needed to do something about it. Went running today in the evening. Just 5kms and I was so exhausted. I will get back into shape, though. Half-marathon running shape, at least.

    6 Ott 15:31 Rispondi
  • Necrodyssey

    Dunno what happens to the wings...they were atrophied, adults usually fly and I know they need to eat honey. Don't know if is some sort of adaptation for survive in other kinds of habitats or something else. I've tried to find out the reason of those reduced wings but nothing /: have a nice weekend, see u

    5 Ott 15:54 Rispondi
  • Funerary_Doom and since you dig Dread Soverign you may dig this new Primordial track

    3 Ott 6:43 Rispondi
  • Funerary_Doom

    your hair is so pretty <3 it's like indian hair. i had to youtube that last track. <3 but totally am going to steal that line. i hope you got your work done, andddd were able to do adequate cleaning and keeping only what is needed (i.e. those pictures with you in dreads) <3 it was my bday saturday so i got super wasted -.- but here's a photo of some fambam friends thang (ill probably delete this soon tbh since its quite personal lol dorky fam and two of my closest friends

    3 Ott 5:54 Rispondi
  • Funerary_Doom

    Charlie! I'm sad you had a rough week! I hear ya… my 'ship isn't doing too hot at all. Been on a break with the partner. Been trying to keep busy. I imagine it gets easier with time. // You're right about that, sentimentals are always fun to go through. It's sad but at the end of the day at least you had a few laughs, a few beers, some shrooms, and some wonderful memories to reflect back on. I'm sure you will continue making awesome memories because you're an awesome gal. -hugs-/ Pics of Charlie with dreads! Pleas please pleaseeeeee!! I had no idea, but totally feeling that vibe! Share some photos girl! And shrooms = bombdiggity. I have a feeling we shouldn't hang together it'd be a bunch of bad decisions after another. xD Dread sovereign is awesome right! They got shit views on MA… but sometimes those assholes don't know what they are talking about.

    3 Ott 5:45 Rispondi
  • vividserenity

    Speaking of Toby Driver... reminding you of my qualms with 80s pop/synthpop... um... I sampled another one of KD's track on soundcloud... ugh... </3 I nearly cried. I held you so high with esteem Kayo Dot... thanks Toby... had to go and pick my least favorite decade and music to inject it with. IDK... :..(

    2 Ott 17:40 Rispondi
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