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Giu 2 2007, 4:44

You take your top twenty artists here on, and post the first song you heard by them, the one that made you fall in love with them and your current favorite.

1. Tori Amos

First: A Sorta Fairytale
Love: Cornflake Girl
Favorite: Do I have to pick? Muhammad My Friend, Professional Widow, Talula, Blood Roses, and Doughnut Song (all of BfP, basically) are some of my current favorites.

2. Jason Mraz

First: The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
Love: Common Pleasure (from Live at the Eagles Ballroom)... later, Flying My Guilt Over a Quilt (now known as Plane).
Favorite: Errr... too many! The Boy's Gone, FMGOaQ, 0% Interest, Geek In The Pink, You Get Me High, Unfold, Running, the list goes on...

3. Regina Spektor

First: Fidelity
Love: Chemo Limo
Favorite: Chemo Limo, Us, The Ghost of Corporate Future

4. Tristan Prettyman

First: On a live performance of "Text Messaging" with Jason Mraz
Love : Love Love Love, Shy That Way
Favorite: Smoke, Guest Check, The Story

5. Holly Brook

First: Where'd You Go
Love: Like Blood, Like Honey
Favorite: Heavy, Wanted, What I Wouldn't Give, Still Love

6. Ben Folds

First: Brick
Love: Rockin' The Suburbs
Favorite: Landed, Brick, Rockin' The Suburbs, Ascent of Stan

7. Ani DiFranco

First: Pale Purple
Love: Letting The Telephone Ring
Favorite: Letting The Telephone Ring, Fire Door, Rush Hour

8. Rufus Wainwright

First: 11:11
Love: 11:11
Favorite: 11:11, Oh What A World

9. Modest Mouse

First: Float On
Love: Bukowski
Favorite: Bukowski, Dashboard, March Into the Sea

10. Jewel

First: You Were Meant for Me
Love: Standing Still
Favorite: Little Sister, Carnivore, Love Me Just Leave Me Alone

11. Franz Ferdinand

First: Take Me Out
Love: Michael, Darts of Pleasure
Favorite: The Fallen, Darts of Pleasure, Dark of the Matinee, Your Villain

12. Keane

First: Somewhere Only We Know
Love: Bedshaped
Favorite: Bedshaped, Somewhere Only We Know, Leaving So Soon?

13. Dashboard Confessional

First: Screaming Infedelities
Love: Screaming Infedelities
Favorite: Hands Down, The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most

14. Andrew Bird

First: I have no idea...
Love: Skin Is, My
Favorite: Skin Is, My, Fake Palindromes

15. Fiona Apple

First: Criminal
Love: Criminal
Favorite: Criminal, The Window, Parting Gift

16. Jimmy Eat World

First: The Middle
Love: Sweetness
Favorite: Sweetness, Pain

17. Weezer

First: Buddy Holly
Love: Keep Fishin' (single)
Favorite: El Scorcho, Falling for You, The Sweater Song, Say It Ain't So, This is Such a Pity... many more.

18. The Donnas

First: Take It Off
Love: Gold Medal
Favorite: Gold Medal, Revolver

19. Michelle Branch

First: Everywhere
Love: Everywhere, All You Wanted
Favorite: All You Wanted, If Only She Knew, Empty Handed, 'Til I Get Over You

20. Muse

First: Unintended
Love: Hysteria
Favorite: Hysteria, Supermassive Black Hole, Thoughts of a Dying Atheist


  • siobhanmcg

    awesome top twenty artists :)

    Ago 3 2007, 22:51
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