• Neato Burrito

    Mar 13 2011, 17:20

    Sat 12 Mar – USX, Hull, Batillus

    Balaclava opened the show. They had some good riffs and stage presence, so I was a bit disappointed in their short set time. From what I could tell, they played 2 songs about 8 or so minutes long. Some space-y, Neurosis-y parts, and some slamming riffs. Would totally see again, they've got promise.

    Hull went on next. I was a bit skeptical of their three-guitar set up but for the most part, they all meshd well and it wasn't all just the same riffs being played by everyone. My guess is they played for about 30 minutes, with about 3 or 4 songs of varying length. All of them had some KILLER riffs though. Definitely a band to watch.

    Unfortunately, I had to leave just as Batillus began their set, but their setup was cool (guitar/bass/drums/sampler) and their bassist played a Rickenbacker, which I haven't seen in a sludge band since Sleep. It had killer tone. It's a shame I couldn't have stayed longer. I missed US Christmas entirely. :[

    As for the venue, I'd definitely love to come back. Great grafitti in the bathroom, awesome arcade games, and a cool staff. I saw one of the cooks wearing a fucking Tetsuo: The Iron Man shirt, for fuck's sake! That's a classy establishment right there.

    Seriously considering going back up there for Torche on the 18th.
  • Best show I've been to in a long time.

    Set 15 2009, 1:57

    Thu 10 Sep – Reverend Horton Heat, Nashville Pussy

    Fucking amazing. Thats all you need to know.