• Mixtape: Brace Yourselves, Summer is Coming

    Mar 24 2012, 7:01

    While summer in most country does not technically begin until mid-June,
    Indonesia has only two seasons, summer and rainy season. A few days ago the sun appeared, so I think summer has arrived. So I compile some songs to enjoy your summer. Brace yourselves.

    1. Wavves - King of the Beach
    2. The Decemberist - Sunshine
    3. The Steps - Rasa Sayange
    4. Beach Boys - Surfin’ Safari
    5. Best Coast - Summer Mood
    6. Bandempo - Berlayar
    7. Brian Wilson - Sunshine
    8. Dick Dale and His Del-Tones - Hava Nagila
    9. Built to Spill - Kicked it in the Sun
    10. Dara Puspita - Pantai Pattaya
    11. Ducktails - Killin’ the Vibe
    12. The Southern Beach Terror - Wild Seahorses
    13. Bass Drum of Death - Celebrate Summer
    14. Barcelona - Summer Songs
    15. Real Estate - Lets Rock the Beach
    16. Girls - Summertime


    Ps: The mix-tape that I post up is NOT for commercial use and posted with respect, not with the intention for profit or to violate copyright.
    If you are the creator (or copyright owner) of the song on this post, and want to remove it, please contact me.
  • Galau Mixtape

    Dic 29 2011, 3:21

    Galau sepertinya adalah salah satu trend di tahun 2011. Berubah dari sekedar rasa menjadi sebuah gaya hidup. Perhatikan akun-akun socmed milik anda; hampir setiap saat ada saja yang sedang galau. Entah itu galau cinta, galau akademis, atau galau dalam memilih sesuatu (ini mah namanya bimbang). Meskipun saya masih ragu apakah saya pernah galau atau tidak (karena pengertian galau saya beda dan saya tidak suka menggunakan kata 'galau' untuk mendeskripsikan kondisi saya) saya pikir seru jika saya membuat mixtape kumpulan lagu-lagu galau versi saya (baca: kurang kerjaan). Lagu-lagu didalam mixtape ini cocok didengarkan saat kalian galau; beberapa diantaranya adalah favorit saya. Meskipun mungkin tidak akan membuat kondisi galau-ers menjadi lebih baik, setidaknya mixtape ini menambah koleksi lagu galau kalian.


    1.Mogwai - R U Still in 2 it?
    2. Tom Waits - Martha
    3. Best Coast - Our Deal
    4. Death Cab for Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark
    5. Slowdive - Here She Comes
    6. Frau - Sepasang Kekasih yang Pertama Bercinta di Luar Angkasa
    7. Jeff Buckley - Morning Theft
    8. Weezer - I Do
    9. Payung Teduh - Kita Adalah Sisa-sisa Keikhlasan yang Tidak Diiklhlaskan
    10. Barcelona - Please Don't Go


    PS: This mix-tape is NOT for commercial use and is uploaded with respect, not with the intention for profit or to violate copyright. If you are the creator (or copyright owner)of the song on this mixtape,and want to remove it, please contact me.
  • Best of 2011

    Dic 7 2011, 17:10

    Indonesian version click here.

    2011 is almost over. Although this list will not represent everyone's taste, it helps if you read it.

    Yuck - Yuck
    Debut album that much inspired by 90s alternative bands like Dinosaur Jr. and The Pixies. Produced by Yuck and mixed by Matt, their guitarist. For you who like lo-fi and noise rock.

    Burgerkill - VENOMOUS
    Burgerkill's debut album after Ivan (their previous vocalist) gone to heaven. Still heavy and rock!

    Deerhoof - Deerhoof Vs Evil
    When experimental meets electronic rock and pop vocals. Deserves to be listened.

    The Experience - Eye Contact
    The Experience Brothers aka The Experience on last.fm. A combination of The Black Keys and The S.I.G.I.T.

    Katjie & Piering - Kinanti
    Ethnic band who like to cover songs of Indie bands from Bandung. The result? Great!

    Bvrtan - Pemuja Sawah Tebu
    Raw black metal band with lyrics on the theme of agriculture. You certainly not missed this EP, right?

    Vivian Girls - Share the Joy
    When a group of girls who want to play pop music, but they only had punk rock skill, this album was born. Fuck Pitchfork. This album's great.

    Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
    Thank God because you are still giving us albums like this.

    Snowman - Absence
    Dark, silent, and gloomy memories are three things that would adequately represent this album. Unfortunately this band already disbanded. This album is perfect for you who often troubled.

    Not just changing their name, they also change their genres. Check out the change of The Brandals - which in my opinion they're getting better - on this album.

    In addition there are many other cool albums like Photograph by Themilo, Life Sux from Wavves, Nine Types of Light from TV on the Radio, or Preambule by Risky Summerbee & the Honeythief.

    any comments are welcome.