Did you hear the one about the farmer and his dog?


Nov 8 2006, 8:44


Well, long ago, there was and farmer who lived in the country with his beautiful daughter and his trusty old dog. He was very protective of his daughter, and every time he left the house - even just to milk the cows or walk the fields - he would turn to his dog and say "Dog, you stay right by this door. If anyone but me comes by, you know what to do."

Every Sunday the farmer would go into town to sell his goods, and when he left early in the morning he would tell his dog the same thing; "Dog, you stay right by this door. If anyone but me comes by, you know what to do," and when he got home after sunset the dog would be sitting in just the same spot, faithfully guarding his home.

Hmm yeah that looks like enough.

So tonight is about dance music, and the last 24 hours have given me Planet Funk, who are all kinds of catchy electronic dance neatness. The funny part about Planet Funk is that I found them pretty randomly - I got them from the same person that gave me Wired All Wrong - and by total crazy ass chance they happened to be the same band that wrote "Who Said", a song that a person I'm stalking has been looking for and didn't know who wrote it.

Of course I'm going to take all the credit for finding out who wrote the song, but that's still a nice bit of luck. DON'T YOU THINK?

Now they're not totally the same type of audibles, but Planet Funk isn't all different from a group called Space Cowboys I've been rocking for a minute or something. Space Cowboys bring a little more thumpa thumpa, and the vocal samples are a little less varietish, but it's still good stuff. I've listened to "Running Away" like three times in a row before, which is pretty crazy. "We Like To Party" is hot rocks too. I wonder if I can make that popular...


Come on guys, help me out.

Oh, right, the rest of the joke. I forgot the punchline, but it was something about a well. Whatever.


  • alrey

    Yeah yeah I'm 1:22 late. MY INTERNET WAS OFF. Don't look at me like that.

    Nov 8 2006, 8:49
  • suckonthat

    omfg lmfao annnd i have nothing else to say because then you would get a big head and that just wouldnt do

    Nov 8 2006, 14:37
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