2 broke girls <3 a d d i c t e d addicting albums i own amazing diva amazing voice and this is what love sounds like awesome songs from when i was a teenager brilliant british britpop catchy cheerful songs about murder childhood childhood anthem chill chilled smoke chillout cig after sex czwarta rano wino i balkon dance around the living room in your underwear dance dance dance dancing with my eyes shut do not mess with me or i will quote angry lyrics at you downtempo dreaming driving in my car driving music dwa kilo zielska i jedziem eargasm east coast nigga electronic endorphine epic excellent reason for crying fucking epic glam rock gloomy great intro of movie guilty pleasure haunting heartbreaking hollywood sadcore hot summer days humming the instrumental parts i know the shame in your defeat i listen to this late at night in my underwear i love this fucking song indie it will set you free just simply adorable kickasstic love love at first listen makes me feel able to do anything makes me want to jump around makes me want to move my feet makes you want to dance melancholy motherfucking big in japan music to listen to very loud in the car with the windows down my best roomie tune new rave new wave new york city nice cover nod the head obsessively listening odzapominanie on re-re-repeat open the window and sing it out loud papieros perfect tune to shag by play this loud enough to raise the dead poezja spiewana progressive rock przesladuje mnie odkad sie obudzilam reminds me of dirty dancing and i know why riot grrrls seen live sexy smooth so come closer aaaa ooo so good something in the air songs that you wanna listen to over and over again songs to kill yourself to songs to light a cigarette for songs to sing when youre drunk spirit of woodstock staring out the window on a road trip sticky stuck in my head stuff to sing with when nobodys around summer swag taking off my clothes that shit cray to listen with someone else late at night