• SAND AURA - Elegy Of The Orient ( REVIEW )

    Giu 23 2011, 20:43

    Sand Aura
    Elegy Of The Orient [EP] 2011

    In the first track " The Sand Aura " I liked too much the combination between Arabic and English vocals , the female vocal is really fascinating ! , the brutal vocal is too agressive which is great for this genre of Metal . However , the guitar riffs and the lead lines are too sleepy and does not fit the BRUTAL vocal.
    The intro of " Aljahelia " is perfect , the track has enough elements to take me to the arabic pre-islamic atmosphere , I was in a perfect mood till 4:29 , I felt like another track started to play , at 6:39 I retrieved that mood again , over all , it's a very good track , the masterpiece of this EP in my opinion .
    " The Orphaned Child I " has a mood of a typical arabic song , I would consider this track a song from the 60's music in Egypt , more like " Takht Shaqry " , I liked the " mawlaya sally wa sallem .... " part too much , the bass line is awesome too in this track .
    " The Orphaned Child II " , hats off to the female vocalist , the back oriental vocal made the atmosphere perftectly done and the clean solo was great while I felt that the distorted riffs are too random .
    In " Fountain of Moses " I liked how the track is managed and how the Israeli folkloric song " Hava Nagila " was played in the first half of the track and at the end too , for the first time in the EP I felt that the distorted riffs are METAL enough although it's a bad idea for an Egyptian band to use an old Israeli or Jewish song in their EP .
    " Ya Sabyya " was a well chosen outro for the EP , too depressive and painful .

    The production quality is poor , the guitar lines recording sounds too bad and the distortion is not aggressive at all , although the drum lines are good , the drum machine used sounds too fake , also the tracks need more heavy riffs to give the listeners the aggression of a metal band .
    Overall , good album but the band needs to be more creative and needs to be METAL , 70% of the album is NOT metal , my personal rating for the album is 6.5/10 and good luck with the next releases .

    Alhussain Sherif