Lyrics quiz: This Blackboard Lacks A Piece of Chalk


Ott 20 2006, 2:53

The response to my last lyrics quiz was underwhelming, but I remain undaunted. Here's another set of lyrics from one of my favourite song tapes(skipping the instrumental, which I'll tell you for free is A Taste of Honey), try to guess them, no Googling, etc. This time I'm feeling no compulsion to use only first lines, since I often have trouble remembering them anyway.

I don't ever want to play the part
Of a statistic on a government chart
Invisible Sun

Who do you think you fool when you talk about us
Why do you walk on glass when you know it cuts

Over there at the end of the bar
This fish keeps swimming in a jar
Don't Box Me In (feat. Stewart Copeland)

I met someone at the dog show; she was holding my left arm
But everyone was acting normal so I tried to look nonchalant
She's An Angel

For the well-to-do doctor, there's a home and a summer retreat
For the jet-setting banker, there's a place in the social elite

I pulled out of traffic down a dark side street
She was fixing her hair in the mirror
Drive, She Said

And while this room goes up in flames
We're gonna shake the pictures right out of their frames
Knock Things Over

He likes to have the morning paper crossword solved
Words go up, words go down, forward, backward, twisted round
Train of Thought

Come with me, into the trees
We'll lay on the grass, and let the hours pass

Struggling with your desires
Frozen strangers stealing your fire

She ran him over like a bus but he seemed to feel no pain
Just lay there smiling like a flower in the rain

I fell for you like a child
Oh, then the fire went wild
Ring of Fire

Born of pride and frustration, under heavy sedation
Fought to be realistic, everyone pessimistic
Awake The Giant

There's a time for feeling as good as we can
The time is now and there's no stopping us
Making Memories

He was seven years in prison and just a few days free
When he came upon a lonesome little girl

Yabba dabba who do you turn to when you're feeling left alone
You should take off what you're wearing and run wild with the buffalo

So many people in the world don't even know who they are
Don't even know they're being had; I'm gonna wake them up
Blaze Of Glory

Here we are in a line, we have no axe to grind
Strong and most capable, quite unmistakable

Who at his lady's command, who by his own hand
Who in mortal chains, who in power
Who by Fire

Instead of listening to the music in your ears
Try singing to yourself

Through teeth of sharks the Autumn barks
The Winter squarely bites me

I can feel the heat, no one has to tell me
It's so good, once it starts I'll never let go

She wrote me a letter as big as a phonebook
I've never been big on mail
These Apples

Barenaked Ladies
Bobby McFerrin
Depeche Mode
Five Guys Named Moe
Joe Jackson
Johnny Cash
Leonard Cohen
Pat McCurdy
The Police
Prefab Sprout
Stan Ridgway
Steve Winwood
They Might Be Giants
Timbuk 3
Was (Not Was)


  • twister1988

    I just know #4 She's an Angel by They Might Be Giants

    Ott 20 2006, 3:13
  • SapientSutler

    12 - cash, ring of fire 19 - cohen, who by fire weird that i know those 2 fire ones...

    Ott 20 2006, 3:42
  • alfvaen

    Right so far...

    Ott 20 2006, 4:38
  • kingofgrief

    9. Stripped Evidently I need a refresher course in Sprout lyrics...must be from one of the albums I don't have.

    Ott 20 2006, 4:48
  • MoonlitSea

    I can only get 1. Invisible Sun by The Police...Grr, I must find out...

    Ott 20 2006, 5:16
  • dianashamilton

    3- Stan Ridgway, Don't Box Me In. As a bonus, he also covers 12 Ring of Fire, with and without Wall of Voodoo (a personal all-time favorite cover): Ring Of Fire

    Ott 20 2006, 12:50
  • dianashamilton

    Heh, just noticed why your journal entry title was so familiar too! :)

    Ott 20 2006, 12:53
  • alfvaen

    All correct so far. kingofgrief: Yes, I suppose it must be. dianashamilton: Yes, the title is also from Don't Box Me In, as a sekrit bonus clue. There's another Ridgway there as well, if you can find it... (I forgot about the Ring of Fire cover, probably because I haven't actually heard it yet.)

    Ott 20 2006, 14:08
  • Anxst

    #13 is Gowan-Awake the Giant, I think. #7 is Pat McCurdy-Knock things Over. You must be another Wisconsinite. Those were the only 2 I knew off the top of my head.

    Ott 20 2006, 17:12
  • 56645

    14. Rush - Making Memories

    Ott 20 2006, 18:39
  • icanhaveablast


    Ott 20 2006, 19:05
  • alfvaen

    Once again, all correct. Anxst: No, not a Wisconsinite, I got introduced to Pat strictly by means of the Internet. And there's another Pat song in the quiz, too.

    Ott 20 2006, 19:09
  • JoeIsListening

    6 - Stan Ridgway, Drive She Said 17 - Joe Jackson, Rant and Rave Cool idea, neighbor!

    Ott 20 2006, 20:08
  • dianashamilton

    Aaron, besides randomly getting it to stream here there is a free mp3 d/l of Ring of Fire, along with Call of the West, at Can't believe I didn't see #6 but of course fellow fan Joel did! Here, have a doughnut...

    Ott 21 2006, 0:03
  • alfvaen

    Thanks for the tip about Ring of Fire, downloading now. I used to have Stan Ridgway's Anatomy CD, with his version of Sixteen Tons as an enhanced bonus track, but it got stolen. Joe, your answers are both right. (You know, I've seen your books around but have never picked one up. I guess I'll have to change that now.)

    Ott 21 2006, 1:56
  • Kattastic

    8. a-ha: Train Of Thought

    Dic 7 2006, 0:19
  • alfvaen

    Also correct.

    Dic 8 2006, 3:01
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