Tiempo de un quiz :D


Nov 7 2008, 2:09

... me tenía que distraer un poco de los deberes escolares :P
ahi va pues.

What song you heard first?
What song made you fall in love with this band?
What song is your current favourite?

1. The Beatles
First Song: A Day in the Life
Fall in Love:Happiness Is a Warm Gun
Current Favourite: I'll Be Back

2. Franz Ferdinand
First Song: Take Me Out
Fall in Love:The Dark of the Matinee
Current Favourite: L. Wells

3. Interpol
First Song: Obstacle 1
Fall in Love:Say Hello to the Angels
Current Favourite: Obstacle 2

4. Chetes
First Song: Completamente
Fall in Love:Llego la luz
Current Favourite: Otra Vez

5. Zurdok
First Song: Tropecé
Fall in Love:Estático
Current Favourite: Chambi

5. Correcto
First Song: Joni
Fall in Love:No One Under 30
Current Favourite: Inuit

6. Box Codax
First Song: Naked Smile
Fall in Love:Red Wine In Tunis
Current Favourite: Pollockshields Girls

7. Arctic Monkeys
First Song: Brainstorm
Fall in Love:Teddy Pickers
Current Favourite: Fluorescent Adolescent

8. The Pipettes
First Song: Pull Shapes
Fall in Love:Really That Bad
Current Favourite: One Night Stand

9. Kinky
First Song: Ejercicio #16
Fall in Love:Cornman
Current Favourite: Masacre Sonica

10. Juanes
First Song: Nada
Fall in Love:Es Por Ti
Current Favourite: Amame


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