• Amy Winehouse & The Michael Jackson Effect

    Lug 24 2011, 22:13

    Amy Winehouse ~ The Michael Jackson Effect

    ^ With the sudden death of Amy Winehouse, it seems the fanbase is suffering from The Michael Jackson Effect.

    The Waaah?

    The Michael Jackson Effect is what happens when a celebrity dies suddenly and people feel the need to do a 360 and grieve and long for the one they not so long ago insulted and looked down upon. This only happens with a celebrity who has some notoriety along with him,

    But its much more than that.

    It can be said that this effect is divided into 3 divisions.

    Division 1 - The Cool Kids

    These are the losers that basically go around saying that everyone who cares about the one who died are fake fans. They act as if the artist had no fans before they died and criticize thoughs who show they care. Because its hip to, like, say that everyone is fake.

    Example When Michael Jackson died, The Cool Kids were in full effect, because supposedly everyone hated Michael Jackson ever. Forget the fact he had the best selling album in the world or sold out 50 concerts in 4 hours (breaking several records) before he died. Those fans don't exist. Nope. What are you talking about?

    This example is specifically because negative always outshines positive things. People ignore the positive things in front of them and pay attention to the negative. Why? Its more fun, duh.

    The Cool Kids are also known for not caring about the death because they did something bad in their lifetime or giving advice like "He shoulda have done this...". A Cool Kids might say, its wrong to care about them because they were, say, a druggie. And remember kids, drugs are bad. So if you're a druggie, you're bad. Druggies should just all die. Seeing a druggie die isn't bad at all.

    Typical Cool Kid Comments

    Then all of sudden everyone became a fan of Amy Winehouse....

    There's nothing tragic about a druggie finally biting the dust.

    Everybody hated Michael Jackson before he died but now that hes dead everyone likes him you guys are fake.
    - Typical Cool Kid circa. 2009

    The Reality

    In reality people, its normal to see a mass out-breakage of the fans who were always there give support to their artist who just died. Just because they weren't in front of your TV or glossing over said artist everyday doesn't mean they didn't exist.

    And typically, any life lost is sad occasion. Druggie or not, it is only a natural and human thing to feel some type of remorse for the loss of a life, especially when that life had so much wasted talent.

    Cool Kids think its also bad to honor and recognize the dead musician's music and legacy and effect, and instead should instead focus on the grimier parts of the musician's personal life. lol@thesepeople[

    You could say The Cool Kids are a bandwagon within themselves, walking around repeating the same thing without thinking it through.

    Internet pseudo-intellectuals are also common in this group.

    Division 2 - Fake Fans

    Fake Fans are what you guessed, fake fans. Many times this was one of the people who were insulting and putting down the artist and are the ones who do the complete 360 when the person dies.

    These fans are just here to jump on bandwagon.

    A Fake Fan will probably go back to doing the same shit and not care about the dead artist anymore as soon as it becomes cool to insult the dead again. In other words, after everything has calmed down, the fans who are still fanning are probably real fans.

    The Reality

    Fake fans will rise very quickly when the celebrity dies. But, eventually, they will fade out and die. Fake fans are only here to ride the wave as it goes.

    The Cool Kids would like to think that everyone is a fake fan.

    Division 3 - The Real Fans

    Real Fans come before and after the artists death.
    Unfortunately, many times the real fans are accused of being Fake Fans by The Cool Kids because they gets boners from thinking they're hip its hard to tell them apart, especially for The Real Fans after the death.

    The Real Fans before the death have a hard time getting peopl-, err, I mean, The Cool Kids, to believe they were really a fan and that they're not just simply jumping on the bandwagon.


    "I liked Michael Jackson before he died! I listened to him since childhood!"


    Then there are the fans who become fans after the artist died. Maybe they insulted the artist and put them down like everyone else, or just didn't care about them. But the artist's death made this fan pay attention to their music. And there is nothing wrong with that. As long as you are a genuine in the end. It's only unfortunate when the artist's death had to make you pay attention.

    I didn't listen 2 amy winehouse because she did drugs and I thought shed be bad but now that i listen to here i rlly like i wish i listened to her long ago....

    The Reality

    In reality people, The Real Fans exist, and its not a myth. As for fans after death, an artist should not have to go Back to Black to make you pay attention. Unfortunately, this is how it goes. Don't let the media and other outlets distract you from whats supposed to be the most important.

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    It should also be noted theres nothing weird about album sales increasing when someone dies. Thats the most natural thing... For fans to go out and buy the album of their deceased idol. If this effect were not to occur if probabaly means the artist didn't have many fans in the first place.