Ott 14 2011, 12:34

I am skeptical towards social and religion values. I am a bit confused to explain what I believe is now. I think the concept is too simple to be explained yet too hard to be done. And I have a syndrome, a syndrome which relates to crowd. When I meet a crowd, I feel like I'm being buried alive by the noisiness. Hence, I'd rather to live in a silent place, natural one, and alone.
Because I find my insanity when I'm alone. I become a free personality and a scary thinker in my lonely times.

I am interested in illogical things. When people don't care about it, I am busy in it, because I'm analyzing and thinking about it. I like colors, but I hate it when they are abused. Therefore I love dark colors, since they can't be abused.

I am accustomed to live alone. To become stupid. To become weak. To become genius. To become insane in my solitude and I enjoy it. Having many friends is not important for me. So the hell with them who say I don't have friends or that I am a geek, that's not their business. I live with my life, my works, my thought... If somebody wants to follow it, then I'll save him.

I love many things. I love art & design, video games. I listen to The Beatles, Oasis, The XX, The Mamas & The Papas, and many more, and let me guess that you don't give a fuck about that. I love Chinese imperial history. My idol is Sherlock Holmes. My favorite superhero is Batman. They have nothing alike but this lack of similarity makes them rich.

Nothing is more complicated than my life, apart from those who try to complicate them. Because I don't give a damn. I can see far behind their masks. The world's lies, love, praises, sex and death. They are all praises.

Solitude is bliss.


  • zazadiaa

    thumbs :) solitude is bliss

    Ott 14 2011, 12:41
  • iero81

    nice. gue suka banget sama tulisan lo.

    Ago 13 2012, 11:52
  • aldyshekoski

    thankies guys

    Ott 3 2012, 12:58
  • MrDennyMason

    Well Done.

    Ott 16 2013, 3:41
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