My Favorite Music 2009 (And Five Songs I Hate)


Dic 24 2009, 22:45

It's been a pretty eventful year for me as far as music is concerned. I've gone to more concerts in a single year (seven) than I ever had before, I had a four month stint writing for The 9513, I visited the Eli Young Band on their tour bus and my iTunes library continued to expand and became significantly less mainstream.

Once again, I've put together a list of my favorites from the past year. For this year's list I've added a category, which is a bit of a power ranking of how good the concerts I went to were.

Concerts I went to
7. Newsboys with No Better Cause - Nebraska State Fair - Lincoln, NE
6. Eli Young Band - UNL East Campus Mall - Lincoln, NE
5. Zac Brown Band - Pershing Auditorium - Lincoln, NE
4. Terri Clark and James Otto - Five Rocks Amphitheater - Gering, NE (review)
3. Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley and Darius Rucker - Qwest Center - Omaha, NE
2. Randy Travis - Nebraska State Fair - Lincoln, NE
1. Gary Allan and Jamey Johnson - Heartland Events Center - Grand Island, NE (review)

My Favorite Albums of 2009
10. Raul Malo - Lucky One
The Mavericks were known for their experimentation with a number of different styles of music tied together by the smooth voice of lead singer Malo. In his latest solo effort, he's effectively recaptured that groove.

9. Charlie Robison - Beautiful Day
It took me a few times through to really get in to this album, but you'd be hard pressed to find a bad song on it.

8. Patty Loveless - Mountain Soul II
One of the last true country singers has done it again with a great bluegrass offering.

7. Brad Paisley - American Saturday Night
Paisley's latest reveals a more mature singer who has shifted his focus to fatherhood and his family. The trademark humor and guitar riffs are still here, but they are much more focused than before.

6. Justin Townes Earle - Midnight at the Movies
JTE has the talent to become a superstar. Too bad mainstream radio won't give him the chance.

5. George Strait - Twang
Ho-hum, another year, another solid album from the king of country.

4. Willie Nelson & Asleep At The Wheel - Willie And The Wheel
Somewhere Bob Wills is smiling. After 30 years in the making, two of the biggest names in western swing have come together to create an album that is both fresh and timeless.

3. Dallas Wayne - I'll Take the Fifth
Best known as a satellite radio DJ, Wayne is also an excellent songwriter and a solid singer of hardcore country.

2. Gene Watson - A Taste Of The Truth
He's more than 25 years past his hit-making prime, but there are still who can sing a sad song better than Gene Watson.

1. Dailey & Vincent - Brothers From Different Mothers
Oh. My. God. Those are some tight harmonies. As members of two great bluegrass groups in their own right, Jamie Dailey (Doyle Lawson and Qucksilver) and Darrin Vincent (Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder) have combined to form the best duo in country music today.

My Favorite Singles
10. Darren Kozelsky - Seven Vern Gosdins Ago
A clever concept of measuring time in terms of sad songs on the jukebox. This is a rare instance when name dropping in a song actually works without feeling forced and egregious.

9. Hank Williams Jr. and The Grascals - All The Roads
One of the best songs Bocephus has recorded in the last 20 years.

8. Zac Brown Band - Toes
Looks like Kenny Chesney has some competition in the beach bum department.

7. George Strait - Living For The Night
The first single of King George's career that he wrote himself happens to be co-written with his son, George Jr. (Bubba), as well as Dean Dillon. Whichever one of them came up with the line "Whiskey kills the man you turned me into" is a genius.

6. Brad Paisley - Welcome To The Future
Nice to know it's still possible for music to have a message without being political.

5. Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just Dance
If you don't like Josh Turner there's something wrong with you. The guy is so damn smooth.

4. Miranda Lambert - White Liar
Definitely the best song of Miranda's career to date. Bonus points for having Jamey Johnson play a preacher in the music video.

3. Zac Brown Band - Highway 20 Ride
A wonderfully poignant glimpse at the thoughts of a father who lost custody of his son in a divorce.

2. Jamey Johnson - My Way To You
I love me some Jamey Johnson. In the hands of a lesser artist this would be just another song of trouble and redemption, but Redneck Jesus elevates it to excellence.

1. Jamey Johnson - High Cost Of Living
Most mainstream radio stations (including my own) won't play this because of the mature content, but if you can get past "cocaine and a whore", it's an excellent cautionary tale of the results of drug abuse that Waylon would be proud of.

My Favorite Songs That Weren't Singles
10. Raul Malo - Lucky One
With his genre-bending style and a voice reminiscent of Roy Orbison, the former Mavericks lead singer can make just about anything sound good.

9. Gene Watson - Three Minutes At A Time
He may be well past his prime hit making days, but Gene Watson is still gettin' it done.

8. George Strait - Arkansas Dave
Bubba Strait had a tremendous year as a writer. This track is his only solo credit on his father's album, and it's a gem.

7. Eric Heatherly - Somebody's Baby
Heatherly's latest album, 2 High 2 Cry, has largely gone unnoticed. That's a shame because it's full of good stuff, including this cover of Jackson Browne's hit from 1982 that I like better than the original.

6. Holly Williams and Chris Janson - A Love I Think Will Last
Holly Williams has all the benefits of the Williams family name without the pressure of having Hank as her first name. Too bad mainstream radio won't play the youngest member of country's royal family.

5. Dierks Bentley and Ronnie McCoury - Last Call
Word on the street is Dierks plans on doing a bluegrass album next year. This track makes me excited about that prospect.

4. Dallas Wayne - I'll Take The Fifth
A witty defense from a man appearing in court to explain the events of the previous night.

3. Justin Townes Earle - Mama's Eyes
One of the standout songs from an album full of standout songs. JTE has the potential to not only live up to the family name but exceed his father.

2. Terri Clark - A Million Ways To Run
The best track from Terri's latest album expertly covers the almost universally relatable theme of running from problems rather than confronting them.

1. Dailey & Vincent - Years Ago
With this tale of a man watching the woman he loves marry another man, Dailey & Vincent cover much of the same ground as Gary Allan's current single, Today, but they do it better.

Five Songs I Hate
5. Rascall Flatts - Summer Nights
a.k.a Bob That Head: The Sequel

4. Tyler Dean - Taylor Swift
This ultra-creepy love note is easily the most stalker-riffic song of 2009.

3. Jason Aldean - She's Country
At a time when the airwaves are flooded with numerous countrier-than-thou songs, Aldean took the ground breaking approach of recording one that bears absolutely no resemblance to country music whatsoever.

2. Fast Ryde - That Thang
Dang, da dang, dang dang.

1. Bucky Covington - Gotta Be Somebody
I can't top this review.
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  • wingkon

    I still find it hard to believe that American Saturday Night didn't win Best Album at the CMA's, since it was pretty much one of the most critically acclaimed albums out there. And btw you need to include White Horse on the worst singles. The cheesy chorus kills it

    Gen 6 2010, 22:11
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