• somewhat glorious ...

    Ago 16 2007, 1:55

    Tue 14 Aug – Natalie Imbruglia

    A somewhat dark and dreary night led to a late starting gig. Not too many people (only 600 allowed in) with everyone crowded up the front.

    Natalie Imbruglia played 6 tracks, (can't remember the order) - Torn, Smoke, City, Shiver, I Won't Be Lost and Glorious (twice). I think she also played Wrong Impression but I can't recall.

    The venue is odd; it felt like I was intruding. All the little were tucked in for the night, and here we were trying to enjoy ourselves.

    Particularly annoying was the photographers -- there must have been at 16 of them. Why they couldn't pool their resources and just send three people to cover each vantage point is beyond me. Instead they jumping over / bumping into people all the time.

    It was great to hear some of my favourite tracks live but I do not think that, whilst nice, "Glorious" is a track that will chart very well.