Greatest Songs of All Times IMO


Nov 19 2007, 13:48

#1 In My Life by The Beatles
Just because it takes me to this special place in my mind where everything is fine.

#2 God by John Lennon
It took me some time to listen to John's work after the Beatles, and damn, I did not know what I was missing. I could put this whole album here, but this particular song gets the prize.
What he is trying (and succeeding) to say in this song is what takes it to this place. He manages to show what he was going through (or at least, what he said he was) with just his voice, his words, and a piano, and that's why he was what he was. It's like you can put yourself in his shoes and feel exactly what he meant.
Probably one of the most powerful messages sent in form of a music I've ever had the pleasure to hear.

#3 Turn by Travis
The reason why this song is in the second third place instead of the third fourth, (where I first put it) is that this song is really simple! I feel like anyone could've made this, it was Fran's task to turn this into a deep song, and his voice did the job. That's what makes this song rank second third, in my opinion. A simple, yet beautiful melody can turn out greater than a highly ellaborated song.

#4 And Your Bird Can Sing by The Beatles

#5 The Abbey Road Medley by The Beatles
This is probably cheating, but it wouldn't be here if I considered them separated songs. Yes, all of them are really good, but they wouldn't rank this high separetedly. Plus, this ends up saving a lot of rank spots.
Ok, first of all, if you don't know what the "Abbey Road Medley" is, it is the 16 minutes masterpiece that starts with "You Never Give Me Your Money" and ends with "The End", from the side two of the Abbey Road album.
I personally love the last song, it is my favorite part. Everything is perfect, especially Ringo's (only) drum solo and all the guitar fills. And the final line is the cherry on the top, with some of my favorite lyrics: 'And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make', this part alone is enough to put this song on my rank.

#6 So Alive by Ryan Adams
Wow. And it gets even better live!

#7 Love by John Lennon
Just listen to it. I don't need to say anything.
Proving my point about "Plastic Ono Band" album.

#8 A Better Place, A Better Time by Streetlight Manifesto
#9 Paranoid Android by Radiohead

#10 Do the Evolution by Pearl Jam
If I made a list with the greatest voices in the music, Eddie Vedder would be on top 5 for sure. This song has some 'wild' vibe that gets me everytime I listen to it.

#11 All You Need Is Love by The Beatles
The message here is simple, and the music is beautiful.

#12 No Surprises by Radiohead
Creepy and beautiful at the same time. Sends shivers down my spine during the whole song.

#13 Elephant Gun by Beirut
#14 Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley

#15 Imagine by John Lennon
This is pretty much the only song I know from Lennon after the Beatles. That doesn't change the fact that this is a masterpiece. I don't know if it's the lyrics or the melody's probably the whole package. The thing is, that's the kind of song that can touch your heart, no matter where you are.

#16 Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
Another song that prooves my point about George Harrison.

#17 While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison
I think George Harrison was underrated. Maybe it is hard NOT to be underrated when you're in the same band as John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but when you start to pay attention to his work, you see that he was really important there. He has always been my favorite Beatle, even though I never thought of who was my favorite one for quite a while. All I know is that, when I thought about it, George Harrison instinctively filled this place, and this is one of the songs that made my choice so easy.

#18 Santeria by Sublime

#19 Real Love performed by Regina Spektor
Okay, I lied earlier. I also know this song written by John Lennon, but I never listen to him singing this, I prefer Regina Spektor's voice, it gives more feeling to the song, I guess. Of course I'm not taking away the credits from Lennon for writing this, but I'm not sure if this song would be in my rank if it wasn't for Regina. In fact, I don't even know if I would have listened to this at all.

#20 A Day in the Life (Mono) by The Beatles
I'm a big fan of little rock operas, or songs that have very distinct parts, like it's a bunch of different songs' chorus into a single song, and this is an example of how this can work. John's and Paul's part sounds amazing in this song, even though they are completly different. The connection between them are outstanding too.
The mono version is even better than the stereo, especially during the bridge.

#21 May 16 by Lagwagon
I think I'll never get tired of listening to this, brings me some good teenage memories.

#22 Stand by Me by Ben E. King
I know so many versions of this song that it was hard to choose who I would put as "Artist" here. Since my favorite version is from a commercial, recorded specially for that, I decided to put the original artist, even though it's one of my least favorite versions of this song. I really like the "Playing for change" version, it's worth taking a look.

#23 Crazy by Gnarls Barkley
The Raconteurs live cover of this song is awesome too.

#24 It's a Wonderful Life by Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution
This song is here for three reasons: One, BOTAR is one of my favorite bands. Two, the lyrics are absolutely fantastic, it's what most caught my attention. And three, somehow the melody calms me down, even though it's not really a calming song.
Not many people know this song, so go ahead and give it a chance.
Oh, I'm adding a fourth reason here: I get goosebumps on the last verse.

#25 Hey Ya by Outkast
You won't understand why this song is here, because I won't give details, all I'm gonna say is, a loooot of good memories rush to my head when I listen to this. Maybe this is not enough reason for anyone that is reading, but it's more than enough for me.

#26 Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley
It's way more than rickrolling.

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  • fabbber

    Concordo com algumas, tipo BOTAR e Rick Astley! :D

    Gen 13 2009, 18:26
  • KillerMRK

    Here's a suggestion: Syke! Life is Awesome! by Bomb the Music Industry. Best song EVER.

    Mag 3 2009, 5:03
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