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  • Gauffre

    Howdy to you too neighbour !

    ieri sera Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    Misspelling always offends me. Milkyway.

    7 Lug 11:41 Rispondi
  • Suoruumis

    Yeah, I have got messages about that, people saying that I'm wrong. And I am wrong if you only listen to the music as it is simply ignoring or forgetting everything else connected to the music and the band. Which is also sometimes good in a way but I often just can't..

    5 Lug 0:19 Rispondi
  • afz902k

    fordervetsinn: hey, not bad.

    1 Lug 3:40 Rispondi
  • los_garrador

    This was the one place I forgot to block him, although I'm working on that now. It's no big deal though, I have more important things to worry about than that parasite.

    30 Giu 22:30 Rispondi
  • los_garrador

    I don't mean "faggot" in the literal sense. I've known Gabriel for years, although I have cut off all contact with him everywhere, so he must resort to trolling me on here. He's a very irritating individual.

    30 Giu 22:09 Rispondi
  • los_garrador

    fuck that gabrieldeluxe faggot, he is a sad little man that deserves no respect

    30 Giu 21:43 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    Son of a bitch* You should really get your spelling right, someone might get offended.

    30 Giu 21:21 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    Damn autocorrect. I meant to say: You're absolutely right, fine sir.

    30 Giu 21:17 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    I should beat your face.

    30 Giu 21:16 Rispondi
  • fordervetsinn

    hey dude , check my band :) DEMENTIA SENEX - metal from Italy, for fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate and Cult of Luna. -

    30 Giu 15:10 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    I like breaking chairs and throwing them at people. And no, I don't like doing those things, or I did at some point but it's Lilli who like sewing. She used to do that a lot. But thanks, I like to look like I"m 80 years old, I feel special. You look like a squirrel and the lead singer in the band named Coheed and Cambria.

    30 Giu 12:42 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    And that's an insult that I look like Tarja Halonen. eww she can't even speak :'(

    29 Giu 23:40 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    Skittles are my favoritest candies.

    29 Giu 23:39 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    And actually my hair is orange, not red.:)

    29 Giu 22:26 Rispondi
  • LSD-C

    Mm that's boring because it's the truth. Gay.

    29 Giu 22:22 Rispondi
  • Velvet_Myx

    A lot of cults have been emailing me to join them. I'm waiting for the one which will get me most underage virgins to exploit in the name of their alien god. Either way yeah I try to make most of my noise tracks to have structures kinda like a "real music song" would have, but not in a verse-chorus-verse-chorus way though. It's good to hear that other people notice it as well.

    29 Giu 20:56 Rispondi
  • los_garrador

    Life is really fucking boring and soul sucking for me right now. I'm taking the most out of life that I can. What about you?

    29 Giu 16:59 Rispondi
  • Velvet_Myx

    A Sad Way To Swallow is always free for download so at least you have that going for you which is great. Also Lust Year and Noisexual EP should be free for download somewhere. Charming Timur seems surprisingly attract fans of both, black metal and nu metal. It's quite an interesting combination. The Timur album is also free for download on and a lot of places.

    29 Giu 16:37 Rispondi
  • Velvet_Myx

    Yeah I'm probably an alien soul being reincarnated as a human being which gives me some alien-like qualities. And yeah Whitepower Orgasm has this certain "black metal appeal" so to speak, that it has vocals and often somekind of atmosphere and even possibly a melody sometimes too, so it's kinda different from just listening to some weird engine sounds or something like that.

    29 Giu 16:33 Rispondi
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"From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate." -Socrates

I tolerate most things, including intolerance, as long as I don't face personal transgressions because of them!

Bible Quote of the Day

"If a man is caught in the act of raping a young dolphin which is not engaged, he must pay fifty pieces of silver to its father. Then he must marry the young dolphin because he violated it, and he will never be allowed to divorce it".

Deuteronomy 22:28-29, King Afz version.

Previous Bible quotes:
Deuteronomy 21:18-21 NLT
Genesis 19:32-36, King Afz version.

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Concert History and Map

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Relative Obscurity

Music habits
Not sure how useful this is, but here it is:

Generated on July 28 2012

Music I listen to, by country

And now for some images and shit

Wish List!
If you have it, please share!

● Sloth - Of Bears
● Warkorpse / Möse Split
Kadaverficker - Nekrokoretheater
● Gargoyles And Chimeras ― Exotic Works For Organ

Death Metal want list:
Suppuration - Ecclesiastical Blasphemy
Insanity ― From the Grave
● Pungent Stench covers with non-sucky vocals.
(Extreme Deformity, Molecular Disembowelment and Mucous Secretion).
● Infected (Bel)
● Samhain (Pol) - Winds of Destiny: not a single-file album.
● Infected Mind (Pol)
● Desecrator (Pol) - Crucifixion
● Nefarious (Pol)
● Extinction (Pol) - Dying...
● Disgust (Pol) - Dream
● Disintegration (Pol) - Blessed Nonsense
● Hecatomb (Pol) - Second Side of Mirror
● Pestilent Angel (Pol) - Promo 1992
● Necrovomit (Pol)
● Putrefaction (Pol) - "Visions of Putrefaction"
● Caedes (Hol) - "Slaughtered Souls"
● Moloch (Hol) - "Demo 1"
● Invictus Liquidation (Hol)
Caedes (Swe) - Unworthy Existence
● Scum (Swe)
● Cranium (Isl)
● Beneath (Isl)
● Aten (Isl)
● Munnriður (Isl)
● Umtakati (South Africa)
● Death Reality - Blasphemous Bleeding
● Monument of Bones - Cemetery Dirges

Black/Death metal
● Weapon - Within The Flesh Of The Satanist

Black Metal want list:
● Haizum - The Temple of Diseased Flesh
● Zyklon-B covers with non-sucky vocals (Mental Orgasm, Bloodsoil and Warfare).
● Vordr covers with non-sucky vocals.
● Hereci
● Gelida Obscuritas *demos*
● Dominant Obscurity (Fra) - self titled
● Entroper (USA) - Dusk
Nahar demo
● Nebular Mystic - Taakeriket
● Rovina - L'Inizio Della Fine
● Savanon - self titled
● The Black Gate - The Serpent Who Slept Dead
● Tyrant (Swe) - Rise of the Fallen
● Verachtet - The Winter Embrace
● Black Cilice - A Corpse, a Temple (2011)
● Vrenyumbhre
● Panzergod - Forged in Grief
Ritual of Destruction (anything!)
Zavorash - Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog
Shade of Black - Northbound

Need to check out this month
● Interment
● Purtenance
● Denial
● Crypticus (& similar)


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