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Nov 29 2005, 17:21

The band's website has available for free legal download the tracks from their EP, 'A Lifetime in Heat'.

A number of these tracks appear on The Guggenheim Grotto album, "... Waltzing Alone".


  • clearskies

    got a few of them..really like them..have ben eager to buy their album for a while now..and they live up the road from me.. :-)

    Nov 29 2005, 16:07
  • Pipaluk

    I like what i've heard :)

    Nov 29 2005, 17:05
  • catch22

    Got the album a while back...and it's brilliant!

    Nov 29 2005, 22:53
  • HaruspexIE

    Thanks for the heads up! Liking them already...

    Dic 14 2005, 0:25
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