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Since my old "about me" was so out of date I thought I would once again take a few minutes to write about myself. I still think if you don't fill out an About Me section people will think you're either a clown or a child toucher, or worse yet both. So I always feel compelled, called it OCD about filling this stuff out. Even though, in general, I object to them.

I'm a professional Fashion photographer. That means I travel to shows, and photo shoots and take pictures of pretty people, wearing pretty clothes. It's turned me into a hardcore fashionista as well. My closet went from malls jeans and tops to Prada, Guccia, and Louboutin. I travel approximately 6-7 months or more a year (depends on how in demand I am) and get to travel on someone elses cheque, which is quite nice.

I came to the US when I was about 13 years old, and lived in Boca Raton Florida until I moved to New York City to attend art school. I completed my Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Fine Arts (in Photography) and then moved to San Fransisco California with my girlfriend. As my career picked up we moved from our rather craptastic 2 bedroom apartment to a rather lovely house in Pacific Heights. My girlfriend is an animator for PIXAR studios which is her dream job and what she loves to do and I get to do what I love to do so we're both fortunate that way. They say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I can tell you dragging my ass out of bed hung over from a party to go work again, I certainly can tell you it sometimes feels like work.

What else can I tell you? I'm an identical twin (I'm older, and that's important). I'm also the only artist in my family, everyone else; Including my twin sister, are engineers. My step dad (who, to be honest I consider to be my dad) is actually the proverbial rocket engineer, my mom is a materials engineer, and my sister is an electrical engineer. To this day my mom thinks I live an impoverished life and starve every night, all the while begging food or eating in soup kitchens. I try to explain to her that the reality is much different than that, but she refuses to understand. I think it might be a Polish thing as that's where we came from before moving to the states. I even travel on a Polish passport.

Anyway, I love my life as it is now and I couldn't be happier these days.. Thanks for reading..

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