Top 50 Albums of 2011


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50. Marié DigbyYour Love
Hey Marié, It’s EP, not an LP for me! New album is on the way, though.
Favorite Songs: Your Love (feat. Sam Milby), Loving You Is Easy

49. Jamie GraceOne Song At A Time
‘One song at a time’ features fresh and happy music that you can listen like anytime!
Favorite Songs: Hold Me, 1945

48. Shemekia CopelandDeluxe Edition
I think it’s a great title for an album! If you like real black Soul, then it’s for you.
Favorite Songs: Don't Whisper, Wild, Wild Woman

47. BernhoftSolidarity Breaks
This guy was recommended to me by JTIvanov as I remember. Nice work, both of you guys))
Favorite Songs: Shout, Buzz Aldrin, A Bad Place To Reside

46. Olly MursIn Case You Didn't Know
Not as good as his previous CD, but still enough to chart here
Favorite Songs: Heart Skips a Beat, Dance With Me Tonight

45. Anna NalickBroken Doll & Odds & Ends
Any singer-songwriter can win my heart with some good music. Kiwimaria should be mentioned there too
Favorite Songs: Sort Of Delilah, These Old Wings

44. Brett DennenLoverboy
Brett says it himself: "This album is about having fun and letting go." It's upbeat, but with enough smarts to not be overly sugary pop. It's not the "social commentary Brett", it's a melange of funky, poppy, funny, living-life Brett.
Favorite Songs: Sydney (I'll Come Running), Walk Away, Watch Me Burn

43. Maria MenaViktoria
Mostly it's Maria and piano. Can I resist? The answer is NO!
Favorite Songs: The Art of Forgiveness, Homeless

42. Boyz II MenTwenty
I would not even listen to Twenty but Sing-Off forced me to do it! I wasn’t disappointed, I must say. Pretty solid record with a good balance between new and old songs.
Favorite Songs: Slowly, End Of The Road

41. Melissa NKondaNouveaux Horizons
I am a big fan of french ladies and french music, that’s why it’s here.
Favorite Songs: Africa, Nouveaux Horizons, J’Ai Fait Tout Ca Pour Vous

40. Emeli SandéHeaven
It’s a debut EP by amazing Emeli Sandé. And it is the one and only reason why this peace of art is so low. Can’t wait for ‘Our Version of Events’
Favorite Songs: Heaven, Kill The Boy, Easier In Bed

39. IrmaLetter To The Lord
Hello from Cameroon! If you need some comparison, she is similar to Rox a little bit.
Favorite Songs: I Know, Mr Love, In Love With the Devil

38. Mary MarySomething Big
I was a little bit disappointed with Mary Mary’s 6th studio album… They can do much better – ‘The Sound’ was my #11 in 2008!
Favorite Songs: Walking, Never Wave My Flag, Survive

37. Matt WertzWeights & Wings
It goes from mellow jams to fun pop and then back to mellow again. His X-mas album I also good work, but it didn’t chart.
Favorite Songs: Running Back To You, Feels So Right

36. Dionne BromfieldGood for the Soul
Yes, Dioone Bromfield is good for the soul. And it's hard to believe that this voice is coming from this young teenager.
Favorite Songs: Yeah Right, Foolin', Ouch That Hurt

35. MilowNorth and South
Just like I said about Mary Mary, Milow’s potencial is way higher than this LP. You Don't Know Pt.2 wouldn't hurt, man!
Favorite Songs: You And Me (In My Pocket), Little in the Middle, Son

34. James BlakeJames Blake
His cover of Feist's "Limit To Your Love" gives me chills… Too bad it’s the only outstanding song at this album.
Favorite Songs: Limit To Your Love, I Never Learnt To Share

33. The BaseballsStrings'N'Stripes
The Baseballs are a German rock and roll band. They became popular with rock cover versions of modern hits such as "Umbrella" by Rihanna and "Hot n Cold" by Katy Perry. Go and listen to them now!!
Favorite Songs: Paparazzi, Quit Playing Games, Tik Tok

32. Christophe MaéOn Trace La Route - Le Live
A live version of an amazing album by an amazing french singer - Christophe Maé. ‘On Trace La Route’ was my #7 back in 2010.
Favorite Songs: J'ai laissé, Pourquoi c’est beau..., Manon, Je me lâche

31. James MorrisonThe Awakening
I was really excited for this album, but unfortunately it didn't meet my expectations. A couple of songs are good, but others are sounds the same.
Favorite Songs: I Won't Let You Go, Up

30. FeistMetals
I’m not a big fan of Feist, so I can’t say anything about her evolution as an artist, but I know that many of her fans are slightly frustrated with this LP, saying that it’s a step back from ‘The Reminder’… Anyway, I'm enjoying it, and that’s all that matters.
Favorite Songs: How Come You Never Go There, A Commotion, The Undiscovered First

29. Beverley KnightSoul UK
Delicious album of thoughtful covers from the lovely Beverley Knight who has one of the warmest and sincerest voices around. Listen to it if you want to relax.
Favorite Songs: Mama Used to Say, One More Try, Apparently Nothin'

28. PinnawelaRenesoul
Pinnawela (Lil’ Sista from my favorite group Sistars) realeased her 2nd LP – ‘Renesoul’. It’s great and fun, but!... As I said before, there is no album from any member of this group that comes close to any Sistars’ CD. Please, be back soon, guys!
Favorite Songs: Serce, Przeczucie, Forest

27. Corinne Bailey RaeThe Love EP
This EP is full of L-O-V-E. I’m sure you will love it after just one listen, there is no doubts. Sexy, mellow & smooth voice will blow your mind.
Favorite Songs: Is This Love, Que Sera Sera (Live), I Wanna Be Your Lover

26. MandisaWhat If We Were Real
Such an inspirational cd. It is a great addition to Christian Contemporary Music today.
Favorite Songs: Stronger, Temporary Fills, Good Morning (feat. TobyMac)

25. LedisiPieces Of Me
Anyone who enjoys soulful music will certainly enjoy this album. Bravo, Ledisi!
Favorite Songs: Bravo, Pieces of Me, Turn Me Loose (Unplugged)

24. Ane BrunIt All Starts With One
Thoughtful lyrics and powerful voice.The arrangements are kept almost naked – just a line of acoustic guitar, stalking piano or brooding organ, caressed here and there with strings, vibes, and subtle hints of distant percussion. Not bad, right?
Favorite Songs: Alfonsina Y El Mar, One, Do You Remember

23. Melanie CThe Sea
By far my favorite Mel C album since her debut. Can’t describe how much I love ‘Weak’ and ‘Enemy’. Keep going, Sporty Spice!
Favorite Songs: Weak, Enemy, Let There Be Love

22. Justin NozukaBlue Velvet Sea EP
Gosh, this man is so damn talanted! Still can’t believe that someone can write these songs at this age… Only Nozuka.
Favorite Songs: Blue Velvet Sea, Carried You, Motherland

21. Kelly PriceKelly
We need to say thanks to Kelly for bringing the real R’n’B back to it's roots. Easily her best wotk to date. ‘Come on, keep moving, hey you don't stop!’.
Favorite Songs: Himaholic, Not My Daddy, Tired, Get Right Or Get Left

20. Warren Dean FlandezVintage Love
New name for many of you, I guess… Well, it was new for me too some time ago, but now I can’t imagine my play-list without Warren’s music. 100% Soul.
Favorite Songs: You Were My Life, Ungrateful, Free, O

19. Julian VelardMr. Saturday Night
Another new artist for me in 2011. Accidentally saw the video for ‘Love Again For The First Time’ and felt in love with it. The whole album is worth listening to.
Favorite Songs: Love Again For The First Time, Sentimental, Take The Money And Run

18. Sara BareillesLive from Soho
Here comes my girl, Sara Bareilles. She’s like Jason Mraz, you know, sounds even better live. Some new songs would help to achieve a higher position ;)
Favorite Songs: Let the Rain, Uncharted, Gravity

17. Katy BOn a Mission
I wouldn't call it a dubstep album at all, it’s just different from any music nowadays. Creative & innovative. Sometimes she reminds me Siobhan Donaghy, which is good for Katy))
Favorite Songs: Go Away, Broken Record, Movement

16. BirdyBirdy
If you like female singers like Feist, Camille, Florence I can guarantee that you will love this girl. Just a voice and piano. Dead combination.
Favorite Songs: People Help the People, Terrible Love, Skinny Love

15. Ed Sheeran+
If you like this sort of music (Acoustic mellow pop), get this CD. Every song tells a story that everyone can relate or understand.
Favorite Songs: Give Me Love, Kiss Me, You Need Me

14. Kelly ClarksonStronger
Lately I’m so into Kelly’s old music (‘Breakaway’ and ‘My December’), that I can’t pay enough attention to this album. This is good, I know. Would die to hear something like ‘Irvine’ again.
Favorite Songs: What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger), Einstein, Why Don't You Try

13. Thiago PethitBerlim, Texas
It’s from 2010 to be honest. But I thought I should tell you guys about these brazilian guys – Thiago Pethit. The video of ‘Nightwalker’ is my favorite video from the past years, it’s cheap but yet very smart and creative.
Favorite Songs: Nightwalker, Don’t Go, Sweet Funny Melody

12. L’auraSei Come Me
Brand new album from italian singer-songwriter L’aura Abela. I’m happy that finally she is having some deserved success in her country. If you decided to listen to her music, then you should start with ‘Okumuki’, though.
Favorite Songs: Eclissi del cuore (feat. Nek), Favola testarda, Penserai (Acoustic Version)

11. Robin ThickeLove After War
New sound for Robin, more up-tempo tunes, less slow jams… Hmm. There are some tracks that stand-out like ‘Love After War’ and ‘Tears on My Tuxedo’, Those two are very nice tracks that sound little like the old Robin mixed with a little of the new sound. Not complaining, Solid CD, as always.
Favorite Songs: Tears On My Tuxedo, Compass or Map, Love After War

10. DaughtryBreak the Spell
I’m not very familiar with this guy, but I think it’s safe to say that if you liked the other albums from Daughtry, you'll like this. It's got the right blend of rock and ballads.
Favorite Songs: Crawling Back To You, Outta My Head, Drown In You

9. Marlon RoudetteMatter Fixed
Maybe the biggest surprise for me in 2011 since this LP has such a different sound from his group Mattafix. ‘When I started working on this album, I went through a lot. Relationship problems, death, love. I had to analise all these feelings. I began to write more personal, honest and more classic songs, which was a very emotional process for me’.
Favorite Songs: City Like This, New Age, Brotherhood of the Broken

8. Beyoncé4
Ok, i was wrong about ‘the biggest surprise for me in 2011’. Here it is – Beyoncé’s ‘4’ didn’t even hit the top-5. She kinda lost me for with tracks like ‘Countdown’ and ‘End of Time’, which should be marked as her worst tunes to date. Thank God there is some outstanding songs like ‘Start Over’, ‘I Was Here’ and ‘Best Thing I Never Had’, but overall it’s her weakest CD. Take your time, King B.
Favorite Songs: Start Over, I Was Here, Best Thing I Never Had, Love On Top

7. J. ColeCole World: The Sideline Story
Being one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year, Cole World: The Sideline Story certainly does not disappoint, it’s one of the best Hip-Hop albums i've heard in a long time by any artist whose name is not Kanye West. Cole has put in major work over the years and I am glad he is finally getting the shine he deserves.
Favorite Songs: Work Out, Nobody's Perfect, Can't Get Enough, Sideline Story, Lights Please

6. The ThroneWatch the Throne
First of all, I must admit that it is not as greart, creative and mad as Kanye's ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ which is my all-time favorite album in this genre, but hey… I can't say much more than the fact that it's what you'd expect from two kings of hip-hop coming together. Who's really challenging Kanye West and Jay-Z for hip-hop's throne? Who's gonna stop them, Ha? That’s right, they are just kings in this game.
Favorite Songs: H.A.M., Illest Motherf*ker Alive, Nigas In Paris, Otis, No Church In The Wild

5. Selah SueSelah Sue
The latest soul sensation comes from… Belgium. Perez Hilton has described the Flemish nightingale as follows: ”She hails from Belgium but she makes soul music with a tinge of reggae. Her name is Selah Sue and she’s fucking amazing.” Can’t agree more! She is just 22 and plenty of great things are written in the stars.
Favorite Songs: Raggamuffin, Fyah Fyah, This World, Mommy, Explanations

4. RoxMemoirs
Flawless vocals and a catchy melodies make this one of the best albums to come out of the UK in a long time. This is definitely worth a listen particularly if you like artists such as Corinne Bailey Rae, you wont be disappointed. Rox is definitely one to watch for the future – a brighter future for British soul .
Favorite Songs: Forever Always Wishing, Sad Eyes, Heart Ran Dry, No Going Back, Page Unfolds, I Don't Believe

3. Joss StoneLP1
I’m always here for some new music from Joss Stone, cause this girl can do no wrong, I love every single album she recorded, and this one is not an exception. What makes this album different from others is her more aggressive approach, with less of a pop-driven basis, and more blues, rock and soul. Now she has her own label, now she is older and stronger. This is still our Joss Stone, just a more mature and focused.
Favorite Songs: Cry Myself to Sleep, Karma, Last One To Know, Drive All Night

2. Jamie WoonMirrorwriting
Some albums take time to grow on me, some have a couple or a few good songs and the rest are ok, I liked this album immediately, this is just a whole album of great songs. His voice… Oh gosh, it is so beautiful, sensual and smooth.. I just can’t resist. Jamie about ‘Mirrorwriting’: ‘It's personal, almost therapeutic. I'm quite a private person and I don't set out to talk about my business in public but when songs are done you can't get around it. They are like a code, and all you need is a mirror to read it.’ Buy it! My copy already is on the way!
Favorite Songs: Spiral, Waterfront, TMRW, Lady Luck, Night Air, Missing Person

1. Adele21
‘21’ without a doubt will go down in history as one of the greatest albums of all time. It is so sensitive and powerful it leaves you completely speechless. Being a guy, it's hard to relate to every song here, but that's beside the point. The fact is, Adele's tremendous talent can't be denied. I liked her first album but this one is pure gold, still cannot stop listening to it. Adele definately gets better with age, so it will be interesting to see where she goes from here.
Favorite Songs: Set Fire to the Rain, Someone Like You, One and Only, Turning Tables, He Won't Go, Rolling in the Deep


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