'Every decade has it's own band'


Giu 27 2010, 12:34

I was just wondering, that I could attach a band to every decade from 60's to 2010.
So here they are:

The Beatles
These great men from Liverpool appeared in my Last.fm library first time on 30th of April. Dad was listening to The White Album in the living room and the opening track just got me right away. I wish I had found this band earlier! With 130 plays, The Beatles are at 10th position in my library!

Position in Library: 10th with 130 plays
Most listened album: The White Album
Favourite song: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Led Zeppelin
Ah, here it comes. My favourite band: Led Zeppelin. This band is also from the UK and I started to listen to it last summer. My "Last 12 months" tracks are full of Led Zeppelin and no wonder. My friend has listened to this since he was 10 and it's been his favourite band, too. The first track that I've scrobbled is Rock and Roll and it's been going on for 78 times on my WMP playlist. It makes it the 2nd highest track on my Top Tracks.

Position in Library: 2nd with 1,680 plays
Most listened album: Led Zeppelin III
Favourite song: Celebration Day
This was the thoughest one to pick. Metallica was my favourite band long time ago. In the fall of 2007. Haven't listened to it in the last 12 months but only 15 times. Well, it has been one of my favs in it's times.

Position in Library: 3rd with 951 plays
Most listened album: Ride the Lightning
Favourite song: One
Kingston Wall
Hell yes. This is my all time favourite finnish band. Just started to listen it and I already got over 500 plays. And that's a lot of plays from only 3 albums. I first heard the song 'With My Mind'. It was covered by one of my other finnish-band-favourite Roadside story. I loaned all the albums from my friend, and I'm gonna buy 'em on my own someday. Great, great band. Unfortunately, they've broken up because of the death of the singer/guitarist Petri Walli.

Position in Library: 5th with 518 plays
Most listened album: I
Favourite song: With My Mind
Heard the song 'Runnin' Wild' in 2008 and loved it the moment I heard it. It sounded so much like AC/DC and I just loved the whole band right away. They released their second studio album in April 2010 and it's a great album, but I prefer the first studio album.

Position in Library: 4th with 829 plays
Most listened album: Runnin' Wild
Favourite song: Runnin' Wild

So, there it is!

Another great bands that weren't the best to be the decade-band :D
AC/DC (1st in the library)
Overbreath (12th)
Roadside story (17th)
Tenacious D (7th)
Doom Unit (8th)
Eppu Normaali (6th)
Def Leppard (13th)
Queen (15th)


  • acdclistener

    Pink Floyd isn't better than The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. They could be better than Metallica, but they only made two albums in the 80's. The last album was made in the 90's (am I right?) and it's certainly not better than Kingston Wall :)

    Giu 28 2010, 9:29
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