• I Live Through the Eyes of My Heart's Disguise.

    Nov 11 2010, 17:50

    ah today people thought i was upset. i was to tell the truth. dont know why. i just felt angry and being quiet is how i control it. people asking me how i am doesnt help... im good now though... song today would be ermmm Where Is the Love? just because that just popped into my mind...

    im such a freak its unbelievable. some of the things ive been thinking of today are beyond explanation :) no change there then!!!

    enough depressing talk... how are you? x
  • today (i really need new inspiration for titles dont i!!!)

    Nov 8 2010, 19:24

    went to doctors due to the massivo stye in the eye :)
    wells im on antibiotics (yay me!) nows and OMG i just took one and now i have a stupido headache.
    flipping freezingo today!!!

    youve proably guessed that im a bit obsessedo with adding 'o' to the end of some wordos. im cool like that :)

    well song today would be hmmm... erm...Love Song just because of the fact me and ST were singing this in maximo voices :)

    awh. im so tired and its only 23 past 7!!!! well i guess thats the antbots for you... how cool is that name???

    awh i loves it, life!!!
  • ITS SO FLUFFY IM GONNA DIE! -dispicable me xD

    Nov 7 2010, 14:53

    ewww i have a stye in my eye and it reallllllyyyy hurts!!!!!

    lol i have nothing much to say today

    well i had a good afternoon yesterday with MP, SM and AS - we watched dispicable me xD

    im currently looking to buy an ipod so im being cheap and looking for the cheapest ones xD

    lol song of the day would be you were fitter in you're myspace picture just as thats what i just listened to on here!

    anyway, im going to love you and leave you, byes!
  • brownies is back!

    Nov 3 2010, 20:27

    whoop my song today is Sunday <3's it basically!

    lunch today consisted of left over pizza hut pizza which tasted 'strange' and a lollipop xD

    [im on my 5th mini mars bar now :) ]

    brownies was back tonight and we made biscuits with them... okay me and HM ate them but yummyummm xD

    lol im gonna go now. im tired. x
  • this week...

    Nov 2 2010, 17:36

    ...should be good :)

    and thats all ive got to say... im loving how RN thinks BB is my actual sister xD

    song today A Level Pain thanks to ZF xD

    ****** ;)
  • happy halloween!

    Ott 31 2010, 13:10

    trick or treat?

    you can decide what my song of the day is today!

    i personally like Murder Mystery but what do you think? okay yes i know noone is going to comment but oh well xD

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN XD love you ** x
  • concussion is so incredibly fun :(

    Ott 21 2010, 18:28

    grrs i fell asleep three times in twenty minutes at school today. i was rugby tackled by AA and wacked my head really hard. felt faint all day and i fell asleep during form. luckily NV accidently woke me up!

    mum says i should have been sent home but you know i didnt need that!

    just need dome calpol xD
    song today: Battlefield
  • life stuffs

    Ott 5 2010, 16:14

    RN told me stuffs that made me think. why should i be down about stuffs??? my life is good. i guess! well thanks to SZ i have had We Cry in my head allllll ddaayyyyy. ahh another dose of bohemian rhapsody in choir today whoop <3 :)

    made some changes to my life. but i wont go into thats stuffs ([Changes )
    omgsshh i wanna go to the script uk tour at the o2 in march... but mum says no.

    i also want a new guitar but theres another no :( oh and no to retourning to gymnastics. im not spoilt. honest. :)

  • southend...

    Set 28 2010, 15:56

    had a geography field trip to southend today.... whoop it didnt rain :)
    me and MA had good times with Pingu and 'Shortie Blitz' ;)
    the school website just failed EPIC(<3)ally... Great expectations will only play for 6:41 minutes.
    aahh lool song of today would be: The Captain
    good song... love the intro <3
    ahh the chips today were good :) feeling extremely fatty now though ):
    well i have stuffs to do now, people to tel-e-phone, mango to eat... :D
    auvoir (L) x
  • arrghh

    Set 24 2010, 16:57

    been suffering journal writing withdrawal symptoms... lol jk.

    confused.com right now
    so is my lil sis AM <3
    but her big sis is here for her :)
    well my track of the day would be DNA
    lol depressing song much : The Suicide Song

    not that im an 'emo' or nothing... lol seriously me an emo... nahhhhhhhhhhhh geeezzz :)

    i loves it, life ;)