• Alerion - Turn of Fate: free progressive (female fronted) metal on Last.FM

    Mag 9 2009, 8:38

    I figured a journal post on this would be nice, to alert some more people to the free release on Last.FM of Turn of Fate, the new promo of Alerion, and enable them to download it if they like. Click the album art to visit the download page on Last.FM

    People who enjoy bands such as Threshold, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Opeth, After Forever, To-Mera, Vanden Plas, Delphian, Camel, Iron Maiden, Riverside, Aghora, Avantasia, Nightwish, Symphony X, Echoes of Eternity, Pain of Salvation, Epica, Ayreon, Iced Earth, Vangelis, The Gathering, Shadow Gallery, Within Temptation, Pendragon or Delain might enjoy the promo or parts of it. All these bands are either similar artists on Last.FM or bands whose influence or similarities can be heard in some (small) parts of the music.

    As an introduction, the Alerion artist description in short:
    Alerion is best described as a Female Fronted Progressive Metal band. We combine Female Fronted vocals, with a guitar-oriented, heavy and melodic sound. Contrary to what one might expect, Alerion does not play gothic metal. Our base is in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The news statement, taken from the Alerion website, concerning the release:
    As of today, our new promo Turn of Fate will be available on our website and on our various online profiles. Turn of Fate was recorded in Storm Studio and produced by Kevin Storm, known from the Female Fronted Rock / Metal band Cardamon and his project The Comeback. Turn of Fate contains the title track 'Turn of Fate', closing in on 8 minutes and molding together heavy and occasionally fast stuff with various slower and melodic parts, as well as 'Clash with Eternity', which is more subtle and features fingerpicked guitar parts.
    Besides a further expansion of Alerion's sound, the promo also represents some of the sound made possible by the current line-up. The promo is available for free through our music section, giving you the chance to familiarize yourself with Alerion in 2009. Don't hesitate to share it with your friends or to spread the word to others!
    The new Alerion promo is availabe as a free download on last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Alerion/Turn+of+Fate

    It can also be found on myspace, youtube, facebook, iLike and hyves. All those links can be found through the Alerion website: http://www.Alerion.nl - where the promo can be downloaded as well.

    Although the promo only offers two songs (one of which is unusually mellow, as it is related to the death of a dear one) and therefore cannot be fully representative of all of Alerion's sound, it still gives a nice glimpse of the broadened horizon of the band and what may yet come, which includes some heavier/faster material. I hope you enjoy it. :)

    For your convenience, Turn of Fate can also be played on YouTube:

  • Bands I've seen live

    Dic 2 2007, 1:07

    I decided to follow the example of my friend Lord_Indur, and have made a list to keep track of the bands I've seen live. Note though, I only list bands I liked at least a bit, and remembered. ;)

    After Forever
    2004: Tivoli / Utrecht
    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen
    2009: Museum van Speelklok tot Pierement, Summer Darkness 2009, Utrecht ( Floor Jansen & Red Limo String Quartet ).

    Amorphis 2010: Bloodstock, Catton Hall, Walton-On-Trent, UK
    2002: Graspop / Dessel
    2002: Rockcafe Ozzy / Apeldoorn
    2012: 013, Tilburg

    Android Soul 2008: Female Fronted Metal Night / dB's / Utrecht
    Annatar 2010: Café Genesis, Gorinchem
    Annihilator 2003: Waldrock / Burgum
    Anthrax 2003: Waldrock / Burgum
    Apocalyptica 2001: Bospop / Weert
    Arch Enemy 2003: Fields of Rock / Nijmegen
    Astral Doors 2006: 013 / Tilburg
    2009: Tivoli de Helling, Utrecht
    2011: De Peppel, Zeist

    2002: Lucky / Rijssen (Star One)
    2008: Stairway to Heaven, acoustic, Utrecht
    2012: Velvet-music store, acoustic, Breda (Arjen Lucassen)

    Ludwig van Beethoven / Nederlands Filharmonisch Orkest 2009: Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn
    Black Sabbath ( Heaven & Hell ) 2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen
    Blind Guardian
    2002: Lucky / Rijssen
    2006: 013 / Tilburg
    2010: 013 / Tilburg

    Broermoats 2005: Biton / Utrecht
    Bruce Dickinson 2002: Graspop / Dessel
    Burst 2005: Tivoli / Utrecht
    Caamora 2011: Boerderij / Zoetermeer (She - the musical
    2013: De Melkweg / Amsterdam
    2013: The Barbican / London
    Camel (a tribute by The Humps )
    2008: De Pul / Uden
    2013: De Boerderij / Zoetermeer

    Caravan 2012: De Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    2008: URock cafe / Utrecht (acoustic)
    2009: Tivoli De Helling / Utrecht (supporting Autumn)
    2009: Tivoli De Helling / Utrecht (supporting Delain)
    2011: De Peppel, Zeist (release party Sun as Never)

    Children of Bodom
    2004: Dynamo Open Air / Nijmegen
    2010: Bloodstock, Catton Hall, Walton-On-Trent, UK

    Cynic 2008: Melkweg / Amsterdam

    Dark Water
    2010: ProgPower Europe / Baarlo

    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen
    2009: Tivoli De Helling / Utrecht
    2012: Stairway to Heaven / Utrecht - cd release / acoustic show

    2003: Tagrijn / Hilversum
    2008: Babylon / Woerden
    2010: dBs / Utrecht

    2011: De Boerderij / Zoetermeer (supporting Symphony X)

    Diamond Head 2005: 013 / Tilburg
    Dimmu Borgir 2004: Dynamo Open Air / Nijmegen
    Dis 2005: Stairway to Heaven / Utrecht
    Dream Theater
    2002: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam
    2002: Graspop / Dessel
    2005: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam
    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen

    Dungeon 2005: Melkweg / Amsterdam
    2003: Fields of Rock / Nijmegen
    2004: Tivoli / Utrecht

    Enochian Theory 2013: Lakei / Helmond
    Eria D'Or 2003: Grootfeest IV / Noordeloos
    Eric Sardinas 2001: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam
    Estampie 2005: Summer Darkness / Utrecht
    Evergrey 2004: Willem Een / Arnhem
    Ex Libris
    2011: Metal Front Twente, Nijverdal
    2011: Little Devil, Tilburg
    2012: Highlands, IJsselstein
    2012: ProgMayhem festival 2012, dB's, Utrecht

    Ex Tenebris Resurrectum 2003: Grootfeest IV / Utrecht
    Faun 2006: Elf Fantasy Fair / Haarzuilen
    Fates Warning 2007: Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    Genesis (a tribute by Squonk ) 2013: De Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    Gore 2010: dBs / Utrecht
    Halford 2002: Graspop / Dessel
    2010: dB's / Utrecht
    2011: dB's / Utrecht

    Iced Earth 2011: Melkweg / Amsterdam (with Stu Block on vocals)
    Iliana 2011: Castlefest, Lisse
    Iron Maiden
    2003: Waldrock / Dessel
    2006: Brabanthallen / Den Bosch
    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen

    Joe Satriani
    2012: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam (G3 tour)

    2008: Escape / Veenendaal
    2008: De Peppel / Zeist
    2009: De Kade / Zaandam

    Kamelot 2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen
    Kelten zonder Grenzen
    2007: Cafe ??? / Utrecht
    2007: Castlefest / Lisse
    2008: Castlefest / Lisse

    Kreator 2002: Graspop / Dessel
    Lacuna Coil 2003: Waldrock / Burgum
    Madder Mortem 2005: Tivoli / Utrecht
    2011: De Peppel, Zeist
    2012: Musicon, Den Haag

    Maiden United
    2011: De Kade / Zaandam
    2012: Boerderij / Zoetermeer

    Mangrove 2012: Bluescafe, Apeldoorn

    Marty Friedman
    2002: Musicon / Den Haag (clinic for Crate amplifiers)
    2007: Boerderij / Zoetermeer

    2001: Bospop / Weert
    2005: 013 / Tilburg
    2005: Melkweg / Amsterdam
    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen

    2004: Willem Een / Arnhem
    2011: Melkweg / Amsterdam

    Metallica 2003: Fields of Rock / Nijmegen
    Nevermore 2011: Melkweg / Amsterdam
    Nightwish 2004: Dynamo Open Air / Nijmegen
    2003: Elf Fantasy Fair / Haarzuilen
    2007: Castlefest / Lisse

    2003: Tivoli / Utrecht
    2003: Fields of Rock / Nijmegen
    2005: Tivoli / Utrecht
    2008: Melkweg / Amsterdam
    2011: 013 / Tilburg

    Ozzy Osbourne 2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen
    Pagan's Mind 2007: Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    Pain of Salvation
    2002: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam
    2007: Paradiso / Utrecht
    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen
    2011: 013 / Tilburg

    Paradise Lost 2001: Bospop / Weert
    Pendragon 2013: Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    Psychotic Waltz 2011: Melkweg / Amsterdam
    Qntal 2006: Elf Fantasy Fair / Haarzuilen
    2003: Elf Fantasy Fair / Haarzuilen
    2007: Castlefest / Lisse
    2011: Midwinter Fair, Archeon / Alphen a/d Rijn

    2006: De Kade / Zaandam
    2009: De Pul / Uden

    RPWL 2008: Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    2006: 't Hoekie / Bilthoven
    2007: DB's Studio / Utrecht

    2001: Bospop / Weert
    2012: 013 / Tilburg (Jon Oliva's Pain plays full Hall of the Mountain King album)

    Saxon 2002: Graspop / Dessel
    Schizoid Lloyd 2013: ProgMayhem II festival, dBs / Utrecht
    Shadow Gallery 2010: ProgPower Europe / Baarlo
    Dmitri Shostakovich / Nederlands Filharmonisch Orkest 2009: Muziekcentrum Vredenburg Leidsche Rijn
    Silhouette 2012: Parktheater / Alphen a/d Rijn
    2002: Graspop / Dessel
    2004: Dynamo Open Air / Nijmegen
    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen

    Sonata Arctica 2005: Summer Darkness / Tivoli de Helling / Utrecht
    Star One 2002: Lucky / Rijssen
    Steve Lukather
    2001: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam
    2009: Tivoli / Utrecht

    Steve Morse
    2012: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam (G3 tour)

    Steve Vai
    2001: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam
    2010: Oosterpoort / Groningen (with Noord Nederlands Orkest)
    2012: Heineken Music Hall / Amsterdam (G3 tour)

    Stratovarius 2003: Waldrock / Burgum
    Symphony X
    2011: Melkweg / Amsterdam (Power of Metal festivaltour)
    2011: De Boerderij / Zoetermeer (Iconoclast tour)

    The Aurora Project
    2007: Paradiso / Amsterdam
    2013: ProgMayhem II festival, dBs / Utrecht

    The Gathering 2006: Paradiso / Amsterdam
    The Sprockets 2008: Vredenburg Leeuwenbergh, Utrecht
    2001: Bospop / Weert
    2008: Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    2011: Boerderij / Zoetermeer
    2013: Lakei / Helmond

    The Tangent
    2012: Boerderij / Zoetermeer

    Transsylvanians 2008: Castlefest / Lisse
    Tristania 2002: Graspop / Dessel (Belgium)
    Type O Negative
    2003: Waldrock / Burgum
    2007: Fields of Rock / Biddinghuizen

    Vanden Plas
    2006: P60 / Amstelveen
    2006: De Kade / Zaandam

    Warclash 2007: Babylon, Woerden
    Wishbone Ash
    2003: Plato / Helmond
    2010: De Kelder / Amersfoort
    2013: Mezz / Breda

    Van Dik Hout 2006: Paradiso / Amsterdam
    Violent Demise
    2010: P3 / Purmerend (cd presentation)
    2011: Tivoli / Utrecht (headlining Attitude Holland fest)
    2012: Assendelft (private party - wedding)
    2012: Impuls / Wormerveer

    White Wizzard 2011: Melkweg / Amsterdam
    Within Temptation
    2011: Paradiso / Amsterdam
    2012: Patronaat / Haarlem

    Yes 2011: Concertgebouw De Vereeniging, Nijmegen

    2005: JC Allround / Mijdrecht
    2005: Yumbo / Bunnik
  • Very postive Alerion reviews & interview

    Ott 13 2007, 16:03

    Alerion is a Female Fronted / Progressive Metal band. The 2007 self-produced demo album Fledgling is fully available on Last.fm as a free download.

    Several reviews of the demo album Fledgling have been done, with more coming up. We are a bit overwhelmed by them actually, because they're all so positive. All reviews are listed on our website at http://www.alerion.nl/press.html

    For those who don't want to read all the reviews, I have listed some memorable quotes taken from them:

    "And after four songs I know, that ALERION is something different and maybe even special in a way. It’s hard to compare them to any other band in the overfloaded metal scene. Which is good and it means that they’re one of a kind. Mix heavy metal with prog metal and add some female vocals to it. Shake this very well and add some chili for the powerful flavour. Voila, the ALERION taste is ready."
    - Metalmaidens.com - February 19th, 2008.

    "Clearly, Alerion is a promising young band with plenty of potential. With the right vocalist, their strong musicianship now affords them the opportunity to better define their sound."
    - Femmemetalwebzine.com - February 8th, 2008.

    "En effet les titres sont bien composés et complexes sans tomber dans le coté démonstratif et ennuyeux. Un groupe qui a du potentiel, on attend l'album!"
    - Desfillesetdesriffs.fr - October 25th, 2007.

    "Overall this disc does a very good job of showcasing the versatility of the band and the diversity of their "sound". They have a great marketing strategy and good tunes. Those attributes, coupled with their youth and enthusiasm give them an opportunity for a real career."
    - Hardrockhaven.net - October 12th, 2007.

    "They have the chops and just need a little work on the chemistry. Keep your eyes open for Alerion in the near future... "
    - Progressiverockbr.com - October 4th, 2007.

    "Fledgling proves to be an excellent debut album recorded in only a short amount of time. Alerion is a band that should be checked out and closely watched."
    - Desolatehope.com - October 1st, 2007.

    "This band deserves your attention. This cd so happens to be a grower, so live with it and you will reap the rewards!"
    - Ravenheart Music - September 20th, 2007.

    "This is a must listen and if the band continue to build on this mini album they are sure to go onto good things."
    - Rockandmetaldomain.co.uk - September 16th, 2007.

    "This is an amazing debut demo and really a band to keep in mind!"
    - Digital-Steel.com - September 1st, 2007.

    "Daarom geef ik Alerion ook een mooie score van 9/10 en we verwachten binnenkort zekerenvast een full album!!"
    - Ashladan.be - August 31st, 2007

    Finally some links to Alerion on the web:

    http://www.setbb.com/alerion (Alerion Forum)

    Updated on the 5th of March, 2008
  • Female Fronted (non-gothic ) metal with a Progressive edge - Alerion - full album on…

    Ago 27 2007, 22:30

    Alerion's album Fledgling is available in full on last.fm, both as a stream and a download.

    The music on our demo is best described as Female Fronted Metal with a Progressive Edge: It combines Female Fronted (or Gothic) vocals, with a guitar-oriented, heavy and melodic sound. A thing which I believe is done by few bands and probably by none in exactly the same way as we do.

    Often in metal or rock, female vocals are combined with male grunts and music to form the genre described as Gothic Metal. Examples include After Forever, Epica, Nightwish, Evanescence, The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, and Within Temptation. All good bands, some even great, which is why (in my opinion at least) there is little to add to this genre.

    Still there are some bands who combine Female vocals with non-gothic music, often with progressive metal, such as Aghora, Echoes of Eternity and Chaoswave. Awesome bands in my opinion.

    I myself enjoy classic heavy bands, power metal bands, female fronted bands but especially a lot of progressive metal bands. Being the main songwriter of Alerion, the result is a demo album which more or less combines heavy music in the vein of Megadeth with great Female vocals and some progressive influences. Fledgling is our first demo album ever, but I hope you'll like it.

    Among my favorite progressive bands are Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Camel, Pagan's Mind, Opeth, Explorers Club, and Symphony X for example. Just a little bit of that influence might be heard on our demo album.

    It should be plain by now (I admit I may have added a bit more bands than absolutely necessary ;) )that I would like to invite all of you who read this to check out our first ever demo album Fledgling and see if you like it. We are a beginning band which just released a demo, and any feedback would be great. :)

    More info on us is available through http://www.alerion.nl
  • Megadeth - Gears of War (studio version) available for download

    Nov 22 2006, 11:23

    Megadeth have a new album coming up early next year, called United Abominations.

    You can get the mp3 file of Gears Of War on this location.

    This is a demo mix, made by Andy Sneap, directly from megadeth.com

    So far, I think Gears of War is a good song, although not one of their best. I especially like the second part.
  • Progressive Metal / Rock recommendations

    Ott 23 2006, 9:27

    I replied on this great journal by VikingR on Progressive Metal, and thought it would be nice to repost my reply in my own journal.

    Some recommended Progressive Metal / Rock bands which are maybe less wellknown in the Progressive genre:

    Alerion is a new Female Fronted Metal band from The Netherlands. Their music is best described as Female Fronted Metal with a Progressive Edge. They combine Female Fronted (or Gothic) vocals, with a guitar-oriented, heavy and melodic sound. Because of this unusual combination of vocals and music, Alerion's music is slightly different from that of most bands out there, and might just be a bit refreshing. The demo album Fledgling is available in full on Last.fm, both streaming and as a download.

    Progressive death metal band which balances softer parts (including many acoustic passages) and beautiful clean vocals with death grunts and heavy riffs. Both Still Life and Blackwater Park are great albums to start with. Their best song is probably 'The Moor' off of Still life.

    Pagan's Mind
    Progressive Metal. Fairly new band with great vocal lines and many beautiful melodies. Their latest effort Enigmatic: Calling is their best so far. Best song: 'Through Osiris' Eyes'.

    Explorers Club
    Progressive Rock with some metal. A side project of Trent Gardner of Magellan featuring musicians like Steve Howe, John Petrucci, Marty Friedman, Billy Sheehan, Terry Bozzio, James Labrie and John Myung. The first album, Age of Impact is one of my favorite albums.

    Great Progressive Rock with awesome melodies, one of the main inspirations of Riverside, Porcupine Tree and Opeth. Unique band, I know of no bands that are very similar. The live album Coming of Age would be my recommendation, a favorite of mine as well.

    Vanden Plas
    German Progressive Metal, opened for Dream Theater in 1998. They have been around for a while and are very underrated. My alltime favorite song was written by them and is called 'Rainmaker', off of The God Thing.
    2002's Beyond Daylight is their best and also most progressive album.

    Missa Mercuria
    Extremely unknown yet very good Progressive Metal / Rock opera album. The music was written mostly by guitarist Stephan Lill and keyboardist Gunter Werno of Vanden Plas. One of my favorite albums.

    Ice Age
    Has nothing to do with the movie. Greatly underrated Progressive Metal band, now sadly disbanded. Their 1999 album The Great Divide is one of the better Prog Metal / Rock albums out there.

    The Flower Kings
    Great Progressive Rock band with lots of (sometimes rather weird and happy) melodies. I really enjoyed the album Stardust We Are.

    Leonardo: The Absolute Man
    An awesome Progressive Rock opera, featuring many great artists. Very unknown unfortunately.

    Wishbone Ash
    A Classic Rock / Progressive Rock band, pioneering the twin lead guitar sound and major influence of Steve Harris of Iron Maiden. 1972's Argus is their masterpiece. Great songs from other albums include 'Phoenix', 'Vas Dis', 'FUBB' and 'Outward Bound', among others.

    september 10th, 2007: edited the Journal to add my own band Alerion, which has just released its demo album online.