Apr 26 2009, 18:26

It took me over three years, but I've finally accomplished what many people do in just a few months. I now have ten thousand plays scrobbled. To celebrate, I'm cursing the fact that I don't have any songs on my computer with, "ten thousand," in the name, and then playing some other stuff that sort of comes close.

I am rather proud to say that I managed to reach this point without ever recording more than 12 listens to a single song. I think if you counted alternate mixes of some songs (e.g. Fury vs. Fury 2007), you might be able to get up to around 15-20 listens, but this is still an achievement in my eyes. I am The Long Tail.

Now I've only got approximately 297 years to go until I'll have a really good excuse to listen to If I Had $1,000,000 some more.


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