• It Begins

    Gen 21 2007, 23:47

    My library of music is currently 40 days long, that is 14727 songs at 66.87 gb. I realized that in the last year or two my appetite for aquiring music has far exceeded the rate with which I can fully appreciate each track that I have access to and thus a project is born.

    I currently use iTunes as my media player and sorter...don't hate me because of it please ;p. I have wasted too much time sorting/tagging/editing information on my files in iTunes to just change to another player (Winamp, which I do use on occasion with my sweet HAL 9000 skin, or Foobar) which some would say work better. Anyways, currently having my Library sorted by album I plan on listening through each and every song however long a period of time it takes. Whether I average 3 hours a day taking 320 days, or averaging 6 hours a day to take 160 days, I will go through every song entirely.

    I was initially going to utilize a simple .txt file on my desktop to record and take note of which album or song I stop at between sessions of listening but my friend commented that I mineaswell try out the journal feature of last.fm, and here I am. Like the entry is titled...and so it begins.