I will be babbling about music here from now on


Lug 20 2007, 10:01

I think from now on I will be posting random stuff about artists I happen to like/listen at the moment if I'm feeling like that. Don't expect a schedule though.

So let's begin with The Cherry Coke$, which is totally awesome.

The Cherry Coke$ play really energetic pop/rock with Irish folk elements.

Combine a banjo, a bagpipe, etc. and rock/pop music... It probably sounds like a really bad combination, but I definitely like it! I can't think of any other artist that have a similar style to this band.

Take their song "Hell Bound Train" as an example... Where you would traditionally hear the lead guitar, you get a bagpipe (or something like it, I'm not exactly a bagpipe expert)!

This is pretty cool stuff, so check it out!

This reminds me of the only techno/trance song that has a bagpipe (afaik), Going Insane by Warp Brothers, which is equally awesome.


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