• Pagan Knights Tour, Cleveland, OH (3/21/09)

    Mar 24 2009, 13:12

    I have to say, I really did not notice this sherade of people leaving after Alestorm. I only think I noticed a couple people leave, just like for any other concert. But there was a very nice crowd for Tyr and I personally think that the crowd was more enthusiastic for Tyr than Alestorm. I am not at all biased when I say this, but I def think Suidakra and Tyr put on the best show that night. And I love Alestorm! But they were no where near the best that night, although I very much enjoyed them. The one problem with the show was that there were way too many opening bands, three to be precise. With these extra bands, the show was about 7 hours long. Although one opening band, Hammer Horde, fully deserved to be there. They were outstanding, and it warms my heart to see a good metal band, furthermore a good viking metal band, come out of the U.S., and at that, Ohio.

    When Suidakra came on, they kicked pure ass! Possibly the best of the night. Their new songs from "Crogacht" were amazing live, and 'Dead Man's Reel" was the most fun, entertaining song of the set. My friend got a pic from Suidakra and my girlfriend got a pic hand-delivered to her by Suidakra's frontman Arkadius, just because she is a very good-looking girl haha. Next came Alestorm. I was expecting them to be the best of the night, but they were only mediocre to me. This could be because there was a very ignorant, obnoxious fellow fan who pushed his way up between us, and we all got very angry because he was annoying as hell, to be nice. But enough of that, in the end, we just ignored him and enjoyed the show. They were very energetic and did a very good show! 'Keelhauled," from their forthcoming album Black Sails at Midnight, gets me very excited for the new album! I did get to meet Christopher Bowes, singer of Alestorm, during the opening bands and got my picture with him.

    Finally, Tyr took to the stage. Their new opener, "Hold the Heathen hammer High" blew me out of the water. It was fast, aggressive and catchy (I expand a little further on this at the end of this review). This was just the beginning. "Hail to the Hammer," a crowd favorite, did not dissapoint. My voice was gone after that song. The whole crowd was into it and singing along. The crowd as a whole was pretty wild for Tyr, moreso than I thought they would be after reading several reviews of the concerts. Their live atmosphere was absolutely terrific! Very energetic and powerful. Their studio albums are very deceiving when it comes to this. After the show, I also got my "Land" booklet signed by Tyr's lead guitarist Terji Skibenæs and got to chat with him a tiny bit, but could not find the rest of the band. After that we crashed and drove the long ride home. But one of the coolest things was that they were playing Tyr's new album "By the Light of the Northern Star" over the speaker system between bands, and all I have to say is that this very well could be album of the year, 2009. Very fast, aggressive and the vocal harmonization I heard blew the intro to Sinklars Visa out of the water. Every song I heard was catchy beyond belief...


    Darkane Times
    Isle of Skye
    Dead Man's Reel
    Gilded Oars
    Shattering Swords
    The IXth Legion


    Over the Seas
    The Huntmaster
    Nancy the Tavern Wench
    Wenches & Mead
    Set Sail and Conquer
    Captain Morgan's Revenge
    Wolves of the Sea


    Hold the Heathen Hammer High
    Sinklars Vísa
    Hail to the Hammer
    The Wild Rover
    Gátu Ríma
    Regin Smiður
    Lokka Táttur
    The Edge
    Wings of Time
    Ramund Hin Unge
  • Bands I have seen live thus far...

    Mar 24 2009, 12:38

    Blind Guardian
    Leaves Eyes
    Sonata Arctica (2X)
    Týr (2X)
    Eluveitie (2X)
    Turisas (2X)
    Kivimetsan Druidi
    Hammer Horde
    Alestorm (2X)

    Soon to come:

    Swallow the Sun