Genius iPhone playlist - 2008.12. 3


Dic 3 2008, 22:31

I often put the Genius feature of iTunes (or the iPhone) to work - and I'm reasonably happy with the results, some of the time - but the playlist I got today was the first time I listened to all 25 tracks without skipping and really loved every one...

So, here it is, now saved as a permanent playlist on the iPhone:

01 Paranoid
02 The Number of the Beast
03 Ace Of Spades
04 School's Out
05 I Wanna Rock
06 Bark at the Moon
07 Sunshine of Your Love
08 Anarchy in the U.K.
09 Breaking the Law
10 Message in a Bottle
11 Iron Man
12 Won't Get Fooled Again
13 Cat Scratch Fever
14 Rainbow in the Dark
15 Run to the Hills
16 We're Not Gonna Take It
17 Money
18 Born to Be Wild
19 Suffragette City
20 I Think I'm Paranoid
21 The Final Countdown
22 War Pigs
23 House of the Rising Sun
24 The Seeker
25 Rebel Yell


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