• Linkin Park must be tryin to **** me off

    Giu 9 2008, 11:59

    Just listened to Minutes to Midnight. Excuse me, how bad is that?

    Linkin Park has always been quite a blind spot in my musical taste since I like too many songs even though they all sound alike and are the quite the opposite of well composed or somewhat creative.

    But this album is just awful!
    Softer than ever, Chesters voice is so unbelievably ugly, the rap parts are something between disgusting and ridiculous. The electronical beats are below most things I ever heard in the emo sector. Possibly Indie(lectro)might be the only style that might prove to have even more dumb beats than this album.

    Gotta mention two songs that are extraordinarily bad:

    No More Sorrow

    Bad, bad, bad. I'm still writing a list in my head how many times this riff has been ripped off. If someone believes to know the "original" one, let me know. But I've heard it a thousand times. The chorus is ... ah just listen to his voice, it sucks.

    By the way, if you want to listen to a song with a similar tune, but done a lot better, try Nur mal angenommen. It's meant to be funny though. If you're able to understand the lyrics, you'll agree.

    In Pieces

    Bad. Watch out for that "guitar solo". Wow, never heard that before. Sounds like 12-year-old-Billie learning his first guitar tapping.

    I usually don't write that hateful journals - but it's been a long time and this album really is so disappointing. I had to write about it.

    And now to ensure I'm being heard:
    You people should listen to the following (almost randomly picked) artists:

    The Ocean
    Maria Mena
    He Is Legend

    You'd make the world a better place!
    Cheers ;)
  • -SHOCK- ... does everything have to be illegal?

    Feb 9 2007, 11:56

    It's a long story (nope, actually it's a short story, but you might not want to hear it), but I've given up illegal ways to get my music. This is quite a challenge for me. Legal Downloads are no option - if I pay, I want my CD. But that'll mean I gotta buy everything I want to hear. Phew.

    And I'm still not quite sure how I should handle things like trading music via LAN, ripping CDs owned by friends, etc.

    So if you wanna tell me:

    a) how stupid I am to give up illegal downloads,

    b) that I am on the path of righteousness,

    c) your experiences when you backed out of downloading,

    d) that my taste in music is just great,

    then feel free to do so. To make sure someone reads this journal, here some useless information about CDs I'm going to buy.

    The first one was:

    Sylvan - Presets

    The next CDs will be some of great artists that I appreciate without having ever bought one of their albums. Artists like:

    Pink Floyd
    Pain of Salvation
    Sigur Ros
    Spocks Beard
    Third Day

    Guess that'll make a good start.
  • My recent concerts...

    Lug 5 2006, 15:52

    This is just meant to keep up my tradition of writing concert reviews. There were 3 concerts in Juni I've been to.

    First of all: Tool, Alsterdorfer Sporthalle (Hamburg), 6.6.06

    A year ago I wouldn't have believed they would ever go on tour again. And I definitely wanted to see the greatest band on earth live.
    There were many negative aspects about the location. It was too big, the sound was quite bad and I missed the chance to fight myself to the front.
    But the band was worth it. It was just great to hear all these songs live. A good mix of 10.000 Days songs and some old classics. In fact, the concert was too short. About 1 1/2 hours. I had hoped they would leave some of the more popular songs out (who needs Sober?) and play some more songs of Lateralus (the best album in my eyes). Well they didn't. Of course, the show was awesome and everything. Just 3 or 4 songs more and I would have been completely satisfied I guess.

    The next day: dredg, Markthalle (Hamburg), 7.6.06

    A wonderful concert. They played lots of songs, primarily from Catch without arms and some from El Cielo. The length of the concert was nearly perfect. This time I stood right at the front and it was quite interesting to watch these guys play, since their style is unique. A drummer, who plays one handed drums and with the other hand keyboards, a guitarist teasing our ears with extreme effects while chopping his Telecaster almost to pieces. Gavins microphone was way too low - you could just hear him in quiet parts... but his slide play on his "guitar" was amazing. Never seen that before. The audience was quite cool, so all in all a very good concert. But the support band really sucked. Some Punkrock Band I can't remember the name of - and I don't want to.

    A trip to the capital: Live, Columbiahalle (Berlin), 27.6.06

    I must admit - Live is quite different from Tool or dredg. But I like them anyway :D

    The concert itself can be described quite easily. A great audience, lots of fun, cool atmosphere. Believe it or not: The concert was too long. The band went off the stage after about two thirds of the concert. You can imagine how long their "encore" was. I realized that I listen to about 20 songs from Live - and that I don't care about or even dislike the others. Sadly enough they played lots of these other songs - especially in the "encore". Nevertheless the concert was great and a wonderful evening. .
    But more exciting was the support band Sioen.

    Very creative music with lots of influences from Jazz and Classic. The important elements of the band are the keyboards and a violin. They demonstrated this in the wonderful ballad Too Good To Be True. They extended the track with an awesome violin solo - this was the moment I decided to buy their CD. Though their live performance let their songs appear much better than they are on CD, Sioen is one of my new insider tips.
    Go get 'em!
  • Sylvan live in Hamburg, 13.5.06

    Mag 14 2006, 10:43

    What can I say?

    Sylvan has been my first concert with music, that is not really meant to make you move. I had no idea, what expected me yesterday, when I went to the Logo, Hamburg.

    A friend of mine had asked me to join him - I didn't know this band and the few previews I had listened to were quite nice, but not that much of a well-founded impression about Sylvan.

    But what I heard this evening blew my mind. They started playing their newest Album Posthumous Silence through. A concept album, about 70 minutes long, without any real interruption. The sound reminded me of Porcupine Tree, especially the drummer seemed to be influenced by Gavin Harrison. Since Gavin is one of my major drum influences, I really had to like this music.

    But they definitely had their own style. The music was wonderful, combining the beauty of Porcupine Tree, the melancholy of Sigur Rós and some vocals that reminded me a bit of dredg. But this is just for your orientation, they did way more than just a good copy of some "famous" bands.

    I also liked the large role the keyboard played, it really played wonderful melodies and not just strings and effects all the time.
    When the album was through, there was a break, then we got to hear lots of older stuff and also two tracks from the forthcoming 6th album.
    This second part couldn't reach the brillancy of the first 70 minutes, but it was also great music.

    There is a serious war breaking out between Sylvan and Knorkator for the title "Best German Band".

    Also the album Posthumous Silence is now lying right in front of me and I will definitely consider buying more than this one. These guys are worth being supported in every way.

    This was an evening with about 2 and a half hours of beautiful progressive music and it helped me define what kind of music I want to play some day, when I finally find some musicians who are as much into progressive rock as I am.

    Wherever you are, buy tickets for the next Sylvan concert and buy their albums and buy everything.
    Also check out http://www.sylvan.de

    A small addition:

    I've read through the lyrics of this album. They're deadly sad. And when I say sad, I mean really really sad... =(
  • Tool regains magic

    Mag 9 2006, 15:39

    It tooke some time to accept the new Tool Album. Most surprising fact about it - it actually doesn't surprise. I had expected something completely weird, in fact the songs sound quite familiar. It definitely reminds me of Lateralus, which is a really good thing.

    But finally, after listening to it a few times, my interest in lyrics and all these hidden meanings is raised again.

    I just listened to Lost Keys (Blame Hofmann) and this one is really great. Very mysterious and now I finally got the motivation to soak up all the lyrics and the music to get the deeper meaning ;)

    But it might take some weeks till I can really appreciate what these guys are doing on this album. But it has to be that way I guess. Of course this one is not Lateralus, but it has its secrets - and I will do my best to find some ways to appreciate this.

    Surely this is what most people hate about Tool fans - these desperate attempts to analyze and interpret every single word and note. But this is what makes Tool Music the fuckin best music on this planet ;)

    And now I'm looking forward to seeing them live.
  • Neal Morse arranging a service in Maria-Magdalena Church, Hamburg, 5.3.06

    Mar 5 2006, 22:45

    What a lucky person I am!

    I coincidentally got to the web page of Neal Morse yesterday and there (I couldn't believe it) I found his European tour dates that said he was going to give two concerts/services in Hamburg - for free of course. I couldn't make it to Hamburg on that Saturday evening, but I went there today with two friends of mine.

    There were less than 100 people in that relatively small church - but a really strange drumset (very tiny bass drum and snare, a few cymbals and nothing else), lots of percussion instruments, one grand piano, one guitar and one saxophone.
    Well, since Neal should be known as the former head of Spock's Beard and Transatlantic I was quite surprised that just such a small amount of people took their chance.
    Maybe the environment of a church was too disturbing for most of them, for me personally it was the best location to see him making music.

    Neal really put a lot of energy and, more important, a lot of himself in that service. He told us a lot about his life before he got to know Jesus, therefore he allowed us to follow his journey explained on his album Testimony. He connected his life story with wonderful worship songs also from the album Lead Me Lord. One of his friends also did his best to explain the salvific history to us - I guess I know that quite well since I'm going to study theology soon but it was nevertheless touching.

    It was just great seeing a man filled up with the love of god and making awesome music right in front of us.
    Though his piano worship songs were really great, the best thing was yet to come. He reached for his guitar and played some songs from the album One.
    This included the best guitar solo I have ever seen live and I guess only the real big ones like John Petrucci could impress me more. We also got to enjoy some nice polyrhtymic - exactly what I've been looking for.

    It was really sweet when his two children entered the stage and sang a song for us. He also gave us the opportunity to wish a song that he would play for us. It came to June and some fans joined him to sing the background vocals and even play the piano part. It was a lot of fun and just great music.

    When the organist of the local church played Amazing Grace for us, we knew the service was coming to an end. But Neal bursted into tears while he tried to say goodbye and he decided to play another song expressing the joy that Jesus gives us every day - sung by his friend Mark (including a great saxophone solo).

    All in all it was a great service, with a touching message and the best music I have ever heard in a church (and I have heard goood music before). I was a bit disappointed that the drummer decided to play almost everything on his cajon, just using some cymbals - so I never got to hear that lovely tiny drumset. But I guess this is only because I am a drummer myself, no one else should have really noticed that.

    I hope that Neal set something in motion this evening, he definitely changed me by what he said and what he sung.
    What's left to say?

    A big "Thank you!" to you Neal...
    Praise the Lord!

  • What the heck did he think?

    Feb 12 2006, 12:15

    Has anyone seen Paul McCartney performing live with Linkin Park and Jay-Z recently?

    I haven't been able to forgive Linkin Park the complete destruction of the pretty nice song Numb by performing it with one of these mega gangsta idiots, who do their best to destroy the last small pinch of respect I got for "Hip Hop".
    But what they did via the Grammy show was unbelievable bad!

    How could Chester Bennington dare to cover Yesterday with his sissy voice?
    Don't get me wrong, I really don't hate Linkin Park, sometimes I almost like listening to some of their better songs (Numb would be one of those).
    But Yesterday is a classic and Linkin Park is modern sh** and nothing will ever change that.

    But this wasn't the worst thing. Paul McCartney entered the stage and started to sing his song, together with Chester who really screwed up the second melody and Jay-Z who must have thought it was cool to speak "That's right" and "aaah" in his mic every 5 seconds. It was soooo disgusting!
    I didn't get the impression that Paul felt that comfortable with what he was doing there and I hope he will regret it forevermore!

    Never again I want to see such a crime against music classics. The Techno "Culture" has done enough damage to great oldies, don't let Hip Hop take what's left.

    Btw: Anyone who is interested, here you can find it:
  • Rubik's Cube

    Gen 26 2006, 18:36

    I can't solve it!
    Help me... I hate geometry =(
  • German music is not as bad as I thought ^^

    Gen 22 2006, 14:52

    I took my time to listen to some German artists who might be not that famous at all. I know that there are a lot of great Newcomer bands, who might have a chance to get more attention in the next years, for example the Emergenza Winners State of Emergency or Mr Brown.

    But to my own surprise I found some bands actually speaking German and they're still good. The only bands I had in mind for this were Die Ärzte and Knorkator.

    The "Acapella-Pop-Comedy" band Ganz Schön Feist - even though they're actually not doing that much Acapella - is really nice to listen to. Their lyrics are just great and veeery funny.

    The music of Kettcar is nothing too new, but their lyrics are great, too. Not what I usually would listen to, but there is definitely something about this band.

    And I must admit I really got to like Virginia Jetzt!. Just like Kettcar I really can't explain, what I exactly like about them. Maybe it's just nice to hear some lyrics in my own language. Everyone should listen to the track Selbstbehauptungen Und Grenzen - it's awesome.

    Also don't forget about the "piano comedian" Bodo Wartke - his songs are just great and funny and I love his style playing piano.

    Seems like there's some hope left for German speaking artists.
  • Music for - almost - quiet hours...

    Gen 6 2006, 20:51

    Feel free to add something - it just has to be beautiful and a bit sad ;)

    Rain (my new favourite)


    Wenn das Liebe ist

    The Start of Something Beautiful

    Collapse the Light Into Earth

    Dust in the Wind



    Thinking About Forever


    Truly, Madly, Deeply

    Love Never Dies


    Emotion Sickness

    Skeleton Song




    How Do I Live


    I forgot so many, but I felt these songs are worth being listed here. I hope someone can add a few songs for me...

    And yes: Lyrics do matter! I chose these songs definitely because of their lyrics, but of course the music fits perfectly.