Song lyric poem


Nov 4 2009, 3:02

This should be interesting...

Select 20 songs at random; take line 1 from the first line of song 1, line 2 from the second line of song 2, etc. (If a song had too few lines, I started counting again from the beginning.)

1. Alice in Chains- Sunshine
2. Within Temptation- The Howling
3. Ben Folds Five- Fair
4. The Beatles- Act Naturally
5. Jimmy Eat World- If You Don't, Don't
6. Regina Spektor- Us
7. As Tall As Lions- Stab City
8. Feist- Tout Doucement
9. Keane- A Bad Dream
10. Beck- Lost Cause
11. Sanctus Real- Thank You
12. Ambeon- Cold Metal
13. Ben Kweller- Ballad of Wendy Baker
14. Alicia Keys- Why Do I Feel So Sad
15. Ryan Adams- Shakedown on 9th Street
16. Flyleaf- So I Thought
17. Metallica- Disposable Heroes
18. Foo Fighters- But, Honestly
19. The Post Service- Recycled Air
20. Joshua Radin- Amy's Song

Am I too contagious?
Got us cornered right now
And she shattered her last china plate
And all I gotta do is act naturally.
We once walked out on the beach
They'll name a city after us
I've been so tired
La vie je la comprends
Guess I'm not the fighting kind.

They know your secrets, and you know theirs
I was miles from dry land, but you gave everything you had
Now I can't change
To keep you warm from the storm
But in time things must change
Lucy, Lucy my gal
But I couldn't talk about it

You will die when I say you must die
And tonight I thank the stars
Calm down, release your cares
Show me something.


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