alt-country analog synth fetish bad relationships etc beats oasis into a bloody pulp beautiful beautiful post-minimal french accordion best jesus and mary chain tribute band that isnt a jesus and mary chain tribute band cabaret pop canadian catchier than the flu chillwave chillwave and witch house dont really cover it coldwave colin meloy is one sexy man crazy vocalist damn good pop dance depressing as anything deserving of their own genre dream pop dubstep eastern european electronic electropop elephant 6 experimental first band i ever got obsessed with folk freak folk frenetic and fun frenetic catchy crazy punk friggin dirty crunchy electro fucking amazing fucking perfect pop songs fun as fuck fuzz on everything glo-fi got me into electronic music gothy punky pop haunted drone heroingaze hot girl freaking the hell out i need to marry kate jackson i would marry jemina pearl indie indie pop indie rock insanely under rated italo disco jason molina is a god jazz jazzy proggy funk kletzmer punk like beach house except not at all lo-fi lots of pretty strings lyrics like if emily dickinson were actually talented lyrics like if joanna newsom were actually talented melancholy synth pop minimal synth more noisy than slowdive moroder worship noise pop noise rock noisy not as noisy as my bloody valentine one of the best bands of the decade plunderphonics pop portland post-punk power pop pretty psych dance psychedelic really fucking good reddit sad sex scottish seen live serene shara worden is a metal goddess shoegaze singer-songwriter sleepy slow pretty dance music sounds like a 90s dance party in my brain space rock strange operatic poetry super pretty swedish the aural equivalent of lying on a sunny beach all day trip-hop twisted and sexy synth pop unclassifiable wall of shimmering noise whistle solos who the hell tagged this as mormon witch house wonky robot noises