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Minnesota Public RadioComposers Datebook for Saturday, September 20, 2014 Appena ascoltato
Minnesota Public RadioComposers Datebook for Sunday, September 21, 2014 15 minuti fa
Edvard GriegTwo Nordic Melodies Op.63; IIb. Stabbelåten ieri sera
Edvard GriegTwo Nordic Melodies Op.63; IIa. Kulokk ieri sera
Edvard GriegTwo Nordic Melodies Op.63; I. I Folketonestil ieri sera
Johann Christian BachKeyboard Sonata in E-Flat Major, Op. 17, No. 3, W. A9: I. Allegro assai Ieri 16:30
Johann Christian BachKeyboard Sonata in C Minor, Op. 17, No. 2 , W. A7: III. Prestissimo Ieri 16:25
Johann Christian BachKeyboard Sonata in C Minor, Op. 17, No. 2 , W. A7: II. Andante Ieri 16:21
Johann Christian BachKeyboard Sonata in C Minor, Op. 17, No. 2 , W. A7: I. — Ieri 16:16
Johann Christian BachKeyboard Sonata in C Minor, Op. 17, No. 2 , W. A7: III. Prestissimo Ieri 16:11
Johann Christian BachGrand Overture in B-Flat Major, Op. 18, No. 2, W. G9: II. Andante Ieri 16:07
Johann Christian BachGrand Overture in B-Flat Major, Op. 18, No. 2, W. G9: I. Allegro assai Ieri 16:03
Johann Christian BachGrand Overture in B-Flat Major, Op. 18, No. 2, W. G9: III. Presto Ieri 16:01
Ellie GouldingUnder Control Ieri 15:56
Ellie GouldingStay Awake Ieri 15:52
Ellie GouldingHearts Without Chains Ieri 15:49
Ellie GouldingYou My Everything Ieri 15:45
Ellie GouldingOnly You Ieri 15:40
Ellie GouldingAnything Could Happen Ieri 15:35
Ellie GouldingMy Blood Ieri 15:31
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  • dsh1985

    I was delighted! I don't see the point in breaking up the union just for the sake of it. it seems there has been trouble in Glasgow as well. I missed it all thankfully! how are you anyway?

    ieri sera Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    it is indeed! I'm off to bed shortly so will be waking up the results at 8am...!

    18 Set 22:37 Rispondi
  • inthesameroom

    Just needed some new music popping up in my recommendations. If you know of anything I can check out, tell me! :)

    23 Ago 1:46 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    Yeah I'd like to go to Penang as well but I didn't have time unfortunately. The shopping malls are so cheap as well - well for the normal stuff. I did avoid Gucci etc!

    21 Ago 16:35 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    I only paid RM 40 to go up the towers, although I did book it about 4 months in advance tho. Yeah you only spend about 10 mins on the sky bridge, but then you go further up to one of the viewing rooms at the top of the tower... I only really spent a day in KL and was a tad jetlagged so stayed close to the hotel. Was the rest of KL nice?

    20 Ago 21:33 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    How long were you in KL for? Where did you visit?

    17 Ago 15:06 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    for KL, I only really did the Petronas twin towers as I was really on there for 1 day (2 nights). For Singapore, I would recommend the Singapore Flyer (like the London Eye), the Night Safari and a trip to Raffles for a Singapore Sling. Sentosa Island is meant to be lovely too, but I didn't go there.

    11 Ago 16:27 Rispondi
  • inthesameroom

    Been listening to Beirut eh? Nice. :)

    9 Ago 0:56 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    You just heading back home after Manila or are you going elsewhere in asia?

    6 Ago 20:55 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    Are you just trying to avoid a job? hahah! Congrats on graduating though! What did you graduate with? Philippines eh! How long are you there for?

    2 Ago 12:52 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    I am very well. Sun is out and it's the weekend! Yeah I'm going to the Comm Games. I'm going tomorrow (100m) and the closing ceremony on Sunday. How have you been? not spoke to you in ages!

    27 Lug 16:42 Rispondi
  • dsh1985


    19 Lug 19:41 Rispondi
  • kosmoflips

    may I ask whether your avatar is tRNA? :3

    3 Mag 1:53 Rispondi
  • miracle-2010


    24 Apr 2:04 Rispondi
  • inthesameroom

    Oooh AJJ is great. You should listen to Guilt: The Song and the entirety of the album Knife Man. I'm a bit of a fanboy. And good on ya for listening to Kurt Vile! ♥

    20 Apr 0:58 Rispondi
  • inthesameroom

    Thanks, have at it! If I'm ever in the mood for classical music I'll be sure to raid your library. Friended. :D

    20 Apr 0:02 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    Three out of 4 ain't bad! How come you never had a picture taken? It doesn't surprise me will.i.am is weird. Spelling your name like that is weird! hahah!

    26 Feb 20:01 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    Oh what was Tom Jones like? Did you get your pic taken? I'm not a big fan of graham Norton these days. sometimes he's OK and sometimes he just bugs me! haha

    25 Feb 22:23 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    The ticket cost £70. Dread to think what a half decent seat would have cost! haha! You went to see the voice? Was it any good? I've still never seen it

    24 Feb 20:37 Rispondi
  • dsh1985

    Hahaha yes it is raining! It's not been too bad today though, just showery and now raining tonight. bet you'd take the rain over the snow! That road looks horrendous. Hope people aren't actually trying to drive on it! yeah I went to the brits. Was an excellent show. Much better being there than watching it on the telly. Nah didn't speak to anyone famous unfortunately but Prince was there as was Kylie and Nile Rogers. Beyoncé sang XO and it was amazing! I want to go again next year

    23 Feb 22:45 Rispondi
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About my music: I have loved classical music since forever; some of my favorite composers are Handel, Brahms, Verdi, Sibelius and Mendelssohn, (yup I listen to the really mainstream composers, but I always get a kick out of discovering a new, obscurer composer like Torelli, Spohr, or Lutoslawski). And although I'm not as familiar with 20th Century classical as I'd like to be (have not really been exposed to a lot of the experimental music yet except for Ligeti and Penderecki for example), I do like Shostakovich, Poulenc, Ravel, and Britten, a few noteworthy exceptions. . .

I LOVE chamber music, especially Romantic chamber music- piano trios, string quartets, piano quintets, horn trios, you name it. Concertos and symphonies are great too. Opera is amazing- my favorite operas would be Giulio Cesare by Handel, Rigoletto by Verdi, and Don Giovanni by Mozart.

I regularly listen to "pop" and indie and alternative rock. I like listening to catchy electronic dance-pop music. Calvin Harris, Gaga, Kylie, or Scissor Sisters come to mind. Please give me a shout if you have a recommendation! British indie rock is reliably good - Arctic monkeys, the Wombats, Franz Ferdinand, etc..

There are some artists that have made it onto my charts, such as Paris Hilton, and Miley Cyrus, and I gotta say, some of their music is good in a I-hate-to-admit-this-but-this-is-actually-kinda-nice/semi-musically-acceptable way. I realize that the presence of those musicians in my library may jeopardize my musical credibility for some Last.fm users; unfortunately I do not really care what those people think about my musical choices.

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