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Touhou is a bullet hell aka somesort of ultra hard Shoot 'em up. It is mostly known for it's music and characters.

I've checked many of these bands that play arranges of touhou songs and decided to make a list of the best that these bands offer divided into levels

*note these this is my opinion feel free to disagree and feel free to recommend albums to me.

Simply the best

Demetori 曼衍珠汝華 ~ Nada Upasana Pundarika
Kokuyasou-Einherjar [Dies irae ~Acta est Fabula~]
Unlucky Morpheus-Hypothetical Box ACT 2
Unlucky Morpheus -Rebirth
UI 70-Riddles covered in flowers

Warinside-Fast Forward To End Of East
Crowl'sclaw-Blacker than the Blackest Black
Crowl'sclaw-Brutal Games For Reminding Of Death
Crowl'sclaw-Crossfire Barrage
Crowls'sclawl-Frozen Frog
Crowls'sclawl-Over the rainbow
UI-70- 朧夢紅月 ~ Vaguely Dreams of Scarlet Fullmoon
Kissing the mirror-thousand knives

Thousand leaves-God Forsaken
Thousand leaves-Dead Night Blind
Kissing the mirror-dreaming river
Kissing the Mirror-Vermilion Hades
Kokuyasou-Shinku no Kenzoku wa Enkansuru Rasen wo Tanzuru
Ryu5150-Shiki Gakuten
Ryu5150-Symphonic Touhou III

Still need to check: the other UI-70 albums,South of Heaven,Iron Attack, a ton of other albums from other bands. To be updated!

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