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OG Traditional - cars with lowered suspension, but not with Hydraulics. It looks like a stylized lowriders, but looks are often modest. Often they are used as a car to drive by (a passing attack) in the criminal world. Classic lowrider, this passenger sedan or coupe 60 ... 80 years with Complete hydraulics, rich and solid finish. Mainly prized Chevrolet Impala 1957-1965, because that is around these cars was created a special aura of romance bandits, they chose leaders of street gangs. These machines in our time are the typical gangster cars and on an equal footing with expensive luxury cars, are in the garages of many "Street Kings" black and Mexican ghetto. Often lowriders, riding in these cars, called "Old School" or "OG Style". Often used car platforms G-Body (Monte Carlo 1977-87 / Cutlass Supreme 1981-87 / Regal 1978-87). This results from their strong frame design and high comfort, surpassing his age. For this reason, use the GM B-platform (Caprice / Impala / Roadmaster 1991-96) and almost all cars Cadillac - the American frame of classics with a powerful engine, rear drive axle and an elegant spacious body (full size). The front-drive cars, such as Eldorado, almost never occur.

Bombs - Classification lowriders
Bombs "Bomb's" - a car 30-50-ies, they are called so because of the design of those years. A characteristic feature of these machines is very careful finish, and put accessories in the style of those years: the visors on the roof, extra lights, often the process of completing the body at the Custom-style, lower the roof as well as eliminate the exhaust pipes through the sides. "Idol" in this category - Chevrolet Fleetline or Fleetmaster. Recently they are used instead of hydraulic, pneumatic systems, which provides greater comfort and safety of rare car.

Euro - For lovers of modern cars there is a class Euro. It consists of Japanese cars or European manufacture, such brands as Honda / Acura, Nissan / Infinity, Toyota, KIA, etc. Often these occur in the middle of a sports coupe, which, in accordance with dynamic considerations do not have hydraulics, but the appearance, personal belongings remain in the tradition of louraydinga. Without going into details, this class has its own style and technical features (such as major sports wheels, spoiler and body kit chip tuning). Supporters of the fashion and highly intelligent directions introduce appropriate accessories in these cars. The latest audio and video systems, attention to the European approach to design. In the 90 years, a style Dubs, which is used to luxury, expensive cars and off-road. DUBS expressed in the underestimation of the suspension, installing infinitely large (more than 20 inches) of wheel chrome discs. Dubs - a slang designation "twenties" drive. However, as the suspension of donks not modified (the donks replaced leverage to significantly increase the ground clearance), although set hydraulics or, in recent years, pneumatics.

Minitrucks - Classification lowriders
Category Minitrucks represents trucks (pickups) and jeeps. Often the body is installed audio system with high capacity output parametrmi. The inside is decorated with velvet upholstery, mirrors, covered the lid with the logo of the club. For trucks has some stylistic differences associated with the "cargo" subculture.

Transformers - Classification lowriders
This variety of the most impressive appearance sredi lowriders. Hydraulics installed on different parts of the body of a car or truck. Hoods, trunk lid cut vdol car. like a closet door, combined with the hood front fenders, grille and headlights, and all otkidyvatsya as a whole. Truck mounted on raskladnoy mehanizm, who with the help of hydraulics, can move in different directions. For these cars is typical abundance of chrome on all the leading parts and careful vykraska. These vehicles are usually manufactured for the motor show and exhibitions, and many of them are not designed for everyday use.

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