Lady Gaga - The Monster Ball gig in Zagreb


Nov 6 2010, 14:11

Fri 5 Nov – Lady Gaga, Semi Precious Weapons

Lady Gaga. A first class superstar, zeitgeist and an incredible woman in every aspect. Since 2008 this woman is shocking the world audience with her image, personality, music and carisma.
Thank god she went through Croatia on this Monstrer Ball tour, because I was really looking foward to see her live some day.
And finally the fifth of november came to be. At 20 .00 the concert began. The band which performed as support group was Semi Precious Weapons. I didn't check out anything of this band before, except the clip I've seen on Youtube, where Gaga does some stagediving. Thank god they've only played for 30 minutes, because they really sucked. Music wasn't really interesting, nor melodic or whatever you would want it to be, and the singer was really weird.
After hour of waiting Gaga hit the stage. It all began with some clips, which later appeared as intermezzo when they were changing the stage scene. First song was Dance in the Dark, with Gaga appearing on the scaffolding being lit up the way her shadows appeared large on the background giving some Michael Jackson impression. Later on, her show really developed in some kind of story about her traveling to the final goal - reaching the Monster Ball.
During the concert, gaga had performed all the songs from her latest album, and most of the songs from The Fame. The most surprising part was performing Speechless and You and I, because she actually played Piano, which I didn't know she was playing before. The acoustics in the hall was generally good, at least at Gaga's part of show. The concert ended with encore – Bad Romance.
As for the show itself, the stage performance itself was really amazing. I've never lived to see anything like this before. You could tell alot of work and planning was included in the performance itself. As for describing the whole event, I'd really waste too much time, because it was massive. Gaga appeared very good in my opinion. She gave us feeling that she enjoyed the show as much as we did.

As for me, this show just made me respect her even more. She really is something special, and I really really believe and wish her to stay and be interesting on scene as long as Madonna is. She is everything other »music stars« failed to be. I hope she comes around soon to see her performing live again.

and as in V for Vendetta - remember, remember the fifth of november.. Lady Gaga will always stay in my memory <3.


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