Iron Maiden-A Matter of Life and Death


Ago 24 2006, 4:06

Well yet another new leak, this time the new Iron Maiden. I'd still highly encourage the people who download this and enjoy it to go and buy the album when it comes out. If you don't enjoy it, delete it. Mmhmm.

Sorry it isn't in ysi format. They turned gay recently.


  • freak2532

    I got the leaked copy yesterday and its a must! Looking forward to purchasing it on release. I suggest it to everybody either download it now or wait and purchase it, either way you have to get it.

    Ago 24 2006, 19:25
  • stickyshooZ

    I'm not downloading the leak. I want to go to Tower and buy it, listen to it for the first time on my way home. F yeah.

    Ago 28 2006, 19:33
  • stickyshooZ

    Okay, so I've heard the whole thing one time through. It's a bit different... I guess I'd say the songs aren't as in your face, they kind of build up a lot and are epicy. A good portion of the songs deal with war and shit. I'll have to give some more listens, because doing a full evaluation after one listen usually doesn't cut it for me.

    Set 12 2006, 21:31
  • Woodshatter

    Yeah thats usually the case with me and my albums. Sometimes it can several months for me to finally make up my mind on a new album. Its definitely slower for them, which I didn't expect. Bruce sounds rather good on the album though imo. The Pilgrim and Different World were my favorite two so far though.

    Set 13 2006, 18:30
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