1951-1988 1970s midnights in a hot and lonesome city a a m screenplay soundtrack a message aerial am in love with amyland and i sing along ever so quietly angsty young man beautiful voice better than sex boom drumming brilliance chanting overlapping scenery like a train trip char vinnedge i will worship your guitar mastery forever cocaine nights soundtrack cover csny-like mood dennis dunaway brilliance dirk dream like echo eero koivistoinen fab sax electro space disco whoa fast mayhem female brilliance finski forefathers fit for an underground movie flowing guitars folky americana folky miserabilia french goodies fuzz acid and blood garden party ost ghost song glitter pill overdose glorious overkill great day out with thousands of freaks green smoke gritty voice hard brilliance heavenly electricity hey julie driscoll and dawn the faun sound alike hotter than hell howling wild ones i think i love you if his voice was human i would make love to it instrumental james gurley i love you jerry cole landscapes londonites lonesome summer morning music love it to pieces love-hate majestic makes you want to play drums master avery midnight freak-out miserabilia misty foggy forest morning dew cover - original by bonnie dobson my fave rave nightmares by the sea oof damn tough ooo yea paul rudolph guitar glory peter dunton vocals pretty brownhair boys really really really brilliant recommended and found by bobby ripples robin hunt robin hunt vocals roy laughing sailing on a crystal ship saturday morning pep music sdrawkcab sister of zodiac cosmic sounds something completely different sound collage of profound proportions sound of stars falling from the sky sound of tomasi hitting up a costumer stoned out of his mind spoken word bits story of a drifter girl stuff to dance to synaesthetic glory takes me back to being 14 years old again the garden party soundtrack top 10 track ever top 20 top 5 track ever unnecessary drum solo want to cover warm guitar hands waves hitting hard what it would sound like to walk on a deserted planet full of bizarre organisms what the hell did they overdub this for - they ruined a perfect song white kid blues