2010 2ne1 2pm <3 ace n asian addictive anjell awesome b2st ballad beast beautiful big bang boyband bringing sexy back c-c-catchy cant get it out of my head catchy dance dance like a maniac eargasm english excuse me while i play this a thousand more times excuse me while i replay this a thousand more times favorite fei female vocalists freakmaedchen fucking addicting fun gd groovy have to sing aong hot i can listen to over and over again i could listen to this song forever i even the fan chants i had to change my pants after this song i will dance like a sexy bitch to this i will rape minho if this were a pokemon i would catch it improves mood j-pop jay park jia jonghyun jqt jyp k-pop key korea makes rap listenable korean korean hip hop kpop lee hongki legal drug love love at first listen love love love lovelovelove make me cry makes me want to dance male vocalist mblaq mblaq z minho minhoism miss a musicians with extremely sexy voices my babies my lips bleeding cause i bit it sooooooo hard bit it soo hard while listening to this never gets old oh god yes oh nick please not so quick ohmagawd one of the only songs from this artist i will listen to picturin top and gd on stage please let me lick you pop probably contains an addictive substance like crack pure awesomeness resistance is futile rnb sexy shinee so catchy it should be outlawed songs that grabbed my heart and soul and will never let go again stick it on repeat stuck on repeat stuff i should be able to inject directly into my blood suzy swagger taeyang teen top this is ma tuuuuuuneeeeeeee top turn the music up writing tunes ya should make ma bedrock haaaaaaaard yoseobbie