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Gen 24 2012, 20:56

Last week, we had the season 11 premiere of American Idol, which I didn't watch since I was still recovering from the finale. In about two weeks, we will have the season 2 premiere of The Voice coming on right after the Super Bowl (or at 10 PM eastern time, should the Super Bowl run too long). While none of the finalists in season 1 have experienced success like Idol contestants have, they were a lot better than Idol's season last year. When I compared the two together, I saw that Idol had a lot more flaws that I recognized years back but forgot about. While I'm Team Voice right now, I still listen to some of the Idol alumni since I have watched them previously. Suddenly, considering how myself and a lot of other people wished that a certain selection of Idol finalists from last season had gone further, I thought the reason that they ultimately lost was because they were on the wrong show. The same goes to a lot of past Idol contestants. For every Idol finalist that had a successful career, there are four more that never got the fame they deserved. While Idol guarantees fame, we wondered that they could have been better off in the hands of Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Cee-Lo Green, or Christina Aguilera instead of Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, and whoever they have now. I looked at each finalist and imagined the finale scenario with 4 appropriate selections, 1 for each team's finalist spot. Here's what would've happened if each season of Idol ended the way that The Voice crowned their winner.

Season 1

This was a difficult task for me, because there were 3 standout performers, and the rest were so forgotten that I can't remember what they sounded like. The top 2 finale that Simon Cowell said that he hoped for in his book would've definitely happened on The Voice, with Kelly Clarkson winning for Team Blake over Cee-Lo's Tamyra Gray. Adam Levine would've had Justin Guarini as his top representative, and Christina Aguilera would've been stuck with another Christina in the finale: Christina Christian. Then over time, Christina A. would regret her decision and write the first single for Kelly.

Season 2

Since we literally saw Frenchie Davis make the top 8 in season 1 of The Voice, we left her out of this scenario, though she was removed by the producers in the middle of semi-finals. So Cee-Lo's top pick would've been Kimberley Locke. Blake, on the other hand, would've brought Kimberly Caldwell to the finale under his wing. The final 2 would be the same as that season, with Ruben Studdard on Team Adam, and Clay Aiken on Team Christina. But Idol let Clay confess that he was gay like they do on The Voice, Clay would've not only won, but his career would've lasted longer than it did in reality.

Season 3

Team Cee-Lo would win thanks to Jennifer Hudson, who made it as far as 7th place on Idol. Christina would've had the second place position with the second most praised Idol contestant of season 3, LaToya London. Also in the finale would've been George Huff for Team Blake. The fourth position would be tough to call, because I heard so much of the three divas for the whole season, but Fantasia sounds more like Donald Duck than Whitney Houston, so maybe John Stevens isn't a bit of a stretch for Team Adam.

Season 4

For season 4, Adam's top pick would've been Nadia Turner, where her rendition of "Time After Time" would've been better received. Christina would've carried Anwar Robinson to the final, while Constantine Maroulis would've screwed it up in the first live vote with his rendition of "Hard To Handle". The final 2 would be the same outcome as the actual outcome for season 4, with Blake Shelton taking Bo Bice, but once he watched Cee-Lo win, he would consider Carrie Underwood the girl that got away.

Season 5

There aren't many people from season 5 that would've kept Taylor Hicks out of the final 4, but if Mandisa was on there, she would've definitely prevented the gray-haired one from being in the finale and would've represented Team Cee-Lo. Determining the connections that they would have later on, Christina's top pick would be Katharine McPhee. Elliott Yamin's funky old soul vibe would've fit perfectly on Team Adam. And I know saying that Chris Daughtry should've won American Idol sounds like a broken record, but on Team Blake, he definitely would've won The Voice.

Season 6

With season 6, the only person from the final 4 that would not make this final 4 would be Blake Lewis, who probably would've made Christina's team, since she has a rapper this season, but since beatboxing can't help him here, he would've lost in the Battle Rounds, while her top teammate would be Jordin Sparks. Adam Levine's top pick would be Chris Richardson. Then the top 2 would've been LaKisha Jones on Team Blake and Melinda Doolittle on Team Cee-Lo, with Dr. Doolittle prescribing a victory.

Season 7

The seventh season of Idol has probably the best lineup of finalists out of every season they did. So if this group was on The Voice, the final 4 would've included Jason Castro on Team Christina and Brooke White on Team Cee-Lo. The final 2 would be the same as the one we had on Idol, and it would have the same outcome. David Cook would win for Team Adam over Team Blake's top person, David Archuleta.

Season 8

For season 8, we would've had the same final 4 here as what we had on Idol, yet with a slightly different outcome. Team Cee-Lo's top artist would've been Allison Iraheta, and Kris Allen would be the last one left for Team Adam, but the final 2 would come between Team Blake's top man, Danny Gokey, and Adam Lambert for Team Christina. Judging with their track records on that season, it would be very close, but if Danny performed "Dream On" in the finale, he would've blown the game in the worst way possible.

Season 9

Almost half of the finalists would've actually made a great season if they chose to be on this show rather than Idol. Of course, Lee DeWyze would've not made it to the finale, but what we would get is Team Cee-Lo's finale spot going to Siobhan Magnus, and Casey James representing Team Blake. The final two would've between frenemies Christina and Adam, where Adam's finalist, Crystal Bowersox, edging out Michael Lynche.

Season 10

The finalists from last season inspired my article here, as we got many cuts of singers that definitely went on the wrong show. Casey Abrams's rendition of Maroon 5's "Harder To Breathe" would've scored him the top spot on Team Adam. Our underdog, Haley Reinhart, would've been the finalist on Christina's team. Finally, the top two would've been Cee-Lo's top pick, Pia Toscano, and Blake's representative, James Durbin. In simple terms, if American Idol's tenth season was like The Voice, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina would've been gone much, much sooner.


  • mdharris27

    Jordin Sparks deserved to win her season!!

    Apr 7 2012, 3:34
  • makssim21

    Jordin Sparks deserved to win her season!!

    Apr 17 2012, 17:10
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