Procrastination - On my lame computer.


Dic 14 2010, 2:51

Total number of tracks: 6939
How many hours or days of music: 18.7 Days
Most recently played: The Tragically Hip - We'll Go To
Most recently added: Levon Helm-Electric Dirt (album)

Sort by song title:
First Song
A-Barenaked Ladies
Last Song
9th and Hennepin-Tom Waits

Sort by length:
Shortest Song
Miracle Cure-The Who
Longest Song
Atom heart Mother-Pink Floyd

Sort by album:
First Album
Abbey Road-The Beatles
Last Album
5th Gear-Brad Paisley

Top 10 Most Played Songs:
(these are probably a bit skewed on my part because I have a tendency to delete all the songs in my library and then reload them .... don't ask me why)
1. Bruce Springsteen-The River
2. Barenaked Ladies-Brian Wilson
3. Leonard Cohen-Suzanne
4. Bruce Springsteen-Darkness on the Edge of Town
5. The Sadies-Another Year Again
6. Neil Young - Heart of Gold
7. Blue Rodeo - Hasn't Hit Me Yet
8. The Sadies - Never Again
9. Blue Rodeo - Never Look Back
10. Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne

First five songs that come up on shuffle:
1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - The Hammer Song
2. Pink Floyd - On the Run
3. The Who - The Rock
4. Donovan - Celeste
5. Stompin' Tom Connors - Sudbury Saturday Night

Search for ... how many songs come up:
sex - 8
love - 426
you - 1041
death - 11
hate - 22
wish - 18


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